Governor Barbara Roberts' Administration

Summary of Records

The records of Governor Barbara Roberts consist of correspondence, press releases, speeches, environmental project records, and natural resources records. These records date from when she was elected elected 1990, until Governor Kitzhaber was sworn in in 1995, and they represent events occurring in Oregon at that time and the Governor's role in them. 

"Conversation with Oregon" records reflect Robert's initiative to respond to the passage of Measure 5, limting property tax rates. As a result of this initiative Robert's promoted legislation to make state government more efficient. 

Many environmental and natural resource issues are documented in the environmental project records and the natural resources records. Issues include the Columbia River Gorge, the spotted owl, rivers and water, salmon and the restoration of fish runs, forest practices, and mining legislation. 

The legal counsel records and administrative correspondence documents issues such as the Oregon Health Plan, teenage pregnancy, welfare, and women and minorities.

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