Governor Elmo Smith's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1954-1957

Extradition records, 1956-1957

Parole and pardon records, 1956

Press releases, 1956

Reports and project records, 1956

Speeches, 1956

Administrative correspondence
1954 - 1957
1.5 cu. ft.
Containers 1 - 3
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject.
Records include interagency correspondence, condolence letters, invitations, pledge letters, and memorandum. Also includes some interfiled executive orders and proclamations. Subjects include the Senate presidency, unemployment, public utilities, higher education, a jury tampering investigation, voting privilege restoration, and hydro- electric power.

See the container list.


Extradition records
1956 - 1957
.5 cu. ft.
Container 1
Arrangement: Alphabetical by county
Records are correspondence to and from the Oregon Department of Justice, district attorneys, other states, and law firms. Also included are telegrams, other states' requisitions, Waiver of Extradition Proceedings court documents, and a Department of Justice Annual Report.


Parole and pardon records
.25 cu. ft.
Container 2
Arrangement: Alphabetical by surname
Records include correspondence to the Parole Board, correspondence to and from inmates regarding requests for parole, and full pardons with related correspondence and court orders.


Press releases
.25 cu. ft.
Container 3
Arrangement: Chronological by release date
Records (5 folders) are a comprehensive collection of press releases from the Governor's Office for 1956. Each press release has the date of release, a subject heading, and the text of the announcement.


Reports and project records
.25 cu. ft.
Containers 1 - 3
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject
Records are reports, studies and correspondence re: John Day Project, Capitol Area Office Space Committee, Middle Snake River Project, Oregon School Building Needs Study, Umatilla River Project, Upper Columbia River Basin Project, Beaver Marsh project, Fish and Game Resource Management report, Crooked River project, Fiesta del Pacifico, Industrial Accident Commission reports, Capitol Area Office Space Committee report, and a Claim of State of Oregon for U. S. Congressional Appropriation (re: Vincent Creek forest fire).


.25 cu. ft.
Container 3 and 4 audio tape reels
Records include speeches, speech drafts, notes, quotations, outlines, and sound recordings.Subjects include agriculture, getting out the vote, tourists, economy, forestry, the Tillamook Burn, Higher Education, and the lack of a need for a lieutenant-governor office. The four audio tapes are from (1) Jackson County - Lincoln Club meeting, introduction; (2) Jackson County - Lincoln Club meeting, conclusion; (3) Japanese - American Citizens League, Ontario; and (4) Beaverton Kiwanis.

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