Governor Earl W. Snell's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative correspondence, 1943-1947

Budget records, 1943-1947

Discharged veterans rosters, 1945-1947

Extraditions, 1943-1947

Legal correspondence, 1943-1947

Legislative records, 1943-1947

Parole files, 1943-1947

Press releases, 1943-1947

Proclamations, 1943-1947

Speeches, 1924-1947

Stream pollution studies, 1943-1946

Administrative correspondence


3.50 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Series documents the communications and activities of Governor Snell's office. Series includes correspondence, informational pamphlets, and information requests.

Information includes financial analyses, names of board and commission members and agency heads, and emergency plans. Topics include transportation, taxation, recreation, federal programs, and foreign relations. Other subjects include education, pensions, salaries, traffic safety, unemployment compensation, and vocational education.

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Photographs have been separated from this series.




.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by county name

Series documents activities involved in the extradition of criminals, both to and from the State of Oregon.

Records include action reports, travel vouchers for retrieving prisoners, extradition requests from other states, and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his extradition decisions. Subjects include charges or indictments against criminals, reason for charges or indictments, and Attorney General's agreement with extradition request.


Legal correspondence


.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by month of letter

Series documents communications and activities concerning legal problems and questions. Series includes affidavits, depositions, legal briefs, and correspondence.

Correspondence includes requests for the Governor to intervene on judicial matters, requests for legal opinions, and reports of the costs for extraditions.

Affidavits state facts of case and include names of individuals involved, dates, and location of crime. Depositions include statements of witnesses and includes dates, locations, and individuals involved, while legal briefs contain facts of case, issues, and arguments.


Budget records


.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date within budget year

Series documents the development and maintenance of the Executive Department's budget.

Series includes the Office of the Governor's adopted operating budget as approved by the Legislative Assembly, correspondence, account breakdowns, and budget request drafts. Information includes dates, fund appropriations for each account, account name, expense items, salary amounts, and budget expenditures for accounts.


Legislative records


.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by legislative session; thereunder numerical by bill number

Series documents the establishment of laws by the Oregon Legislative Assembly for the benefit of Governor Snell's office.

Records include copies of legislative appropriation bills relating to the Governor's Office, correspondence with Legislative Assembly members, opinions of the Executive Department concerning specific bills, and reports to the Governor from various interim committees.

Subjects of reports include the study of prisons and jails, tax structure, and legislative procedure.




1 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by speech date; and alphabetical by subject

Series documents speeches made by the Governor to various groups, including the Republican Voters of Oregon and the general public.

Topics of speeches include welcomes and greetings for various events, contributions of women to American life, bond finances, taxes, shipbuilding, World War II, presentation of awards, and Oregon forests. Other subjects include the employment situation for state employes, military draft, new citizens of the United States, logging operations, commercial fishing, and agriculture.

Series also includes an index citing speech subject, date, and speech location. Speeches for 1924-1942 are arranged chronologically, thereunder cross-referenced by alphabetical-numerical code. Speeches for 1943-1947 are alphabetical by subject only.




.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by proclamation date

Series documents announcements made by the Governor on various activities or events. Contents include subject of proclamation, date, and governor's signature.

Subjects include closure of forests during fire season, restriction of lights and celebration of victories during World War II, observance of holidays, and elections of individuals.


Press releases


.20 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by release date

Series documents gubernatorial press releases publicizing events, programs, and activities related to the Governor's office.

Information includes dates, subjects, and quotations from the Governor. Topics include celebration of holidays, recognition of specific events, and announcement of individuals to government positions. Series also includes announcements citing the intention of the Governor's office concerning specific political positions.


Parole files


1.85 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject's name

Series documents activities involved in the parole status of criminals in Oregon.

Records include correspondence with individuals requesting clemency or release of individual from prison, and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his parole decision. Subjects include comments by individuals concerning specific cases, commutation of jail sentences, and copies of confessions. One important case included in the series is that of the DeAutremont brothers, who were convicted of robbing a Southern Pacific train.

Photographs have been separated from this series.


Stream pollution studies


.10 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of correspondence or report

Series documents the activities of a special committee established by Governor Snell to study stream pollution in Oregon. Records include correspondence, reports, news releases, and studies. Information includes dates, correspondents names, and subject of correspondence.

Subjects include pollution requests made by sanitary districts on possible ramifications of pollution on ground water, and lowering pollution in various streams.


Discharged veterans rosters


.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by county, thereunder chronological by date, thereunder by county site of discharge

Series documents discharge of veterans in the counties of Oregon after the conclusion of World War II.

Records consist of lists of names and addresses of discharged veterans. Information includes list date, county name, name and address of veteran, and symbols denoting foreign service and if the veteran was an officer. Other information includes civilian or military occupation and discharge date. Multnomah County also has a roster of veterans coordinators who helped returning veterans with their problems.

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