Governor Charles A. Sprague's Administration

Administrative Correspondence Container List

Container 1

Accounting, Board of

Achievements of Governor Sprague's administration

Agriculture, Department of

Agricultural Advisory Committee


Aliens, enemy

Albany College (Albany, Oregon)

American Legion

American Red Cross

Baker County

Bakery Board

Banks, Superintendent of State

Barber Examiners, Board of

Battleship Oregon

Bay Ocean Project

Biography - Governor Sprague

Blind, Commission for the

Blind Trade School

Bond Commission, State

Boxing Commission


Building Congress, Oregon

Campaign of Governor Sprague for governor and senator

Capitol Reconstruction Commission


Child welfare

Chiropodists, Board of Examiners


Citizens Military Training Camp

Civil Aeronautics Board

Civil Air Patrol

Civilian Conservation Corps

Civilian Defense

Container 2

Civilian Defense (cont.)

Commerce, United States Department of

Communist Party, Oregon

Conservation of human and natural resources

Control, Board of

Corporation, Department of

Council of State Governments

Cricket, Mormon, outbreak of; (insect infestation)

Curry County

Daylight saving time

Deaf School

Defense Council, Oregon State

Defense Schools, Oregon (projected)

Deficiencies of government

Dental Board, State

Deschutes County

Ditch riders

Doernbecher strike

Draft boards

Drunk driving

Eastern Oregon State Hospital

Economic Council, Oregon


Electrical service

Emergency Appropriation Board


Employment Service, Oregon State

Container 3

Employment Service, Oregon State (cont.)

Employment Service, Oregon State, Advisory Council

Evacuation, civilians

Fair Commission, San Francisco and New York (see also SF World's Fair)

Fairview Home

Federal Communications Commission

Federal-State Conference on Law Enforcement Problems of National Defense

Fellowship for Education on Alcohol and Narcotics, Oregon


Fireworks, prohibition during World War II


Fish and Game Commission


Forest fires

Forestry, Department of

Freeway legislation

Fruit surplus

Fuel Committee


Game Commission

Container 4

Game Commission (cont.)

Gas rationing

Geographic Board, Oregon

Geology and mineral industries

Gilliam County

Governors, correspondence with other

Harney County

Higher Education, Oregon State System of


Hood River County

Hydroelectric Commission

Industrial Accident Commission, State

Insurance Commission

Interstate rivers

Japanese, relationship during World War II

Container 5

Japanese, relationship during World War II (cont.)

Judges and judicial appointments

Klamath County


Labor Conciliation, State Board of

Labor relations (Henry Hess, Governor Sprague's opponent)

Labor unions

Land Board, State

Land use

Land values

Law and order

League of Women Voters, Oregon

Legislative Assembly

Library, State


Liquor Commission

Lime plants

Lumber operators


Medical Examiners, Board of


Meyer, Fred


Military service

Milk control laws


Monmouth College (Monmouth, Illinois)

Morrow County

Morse, Wayne

Container 6

National Defense material

National Labor Relations Board

National Reclamation Association

Naturopathic Board of Examiners

Navy, United States

Notary public

Nurses, Board for Examination and Registration of Graduate

Optometry, State Board of

Oregon and California lands

Oregon Day Service - Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Oregon State College (Corvallis, Oregon)

Oregon Trail

Osborne Association



Pendleton Air Base (during World War II)

Penitentiary, Oregon State

Pension laws

Peoples' Utility Districts

Pharmacy, Board of

Physically handicapped

Picketing law

Pilotage (Columbia River; see also steamship)

Pilot Commissioners, Oregon State Board of

Planning Board


Port of Cascade Locks, appointment to

Port of Portland, appointments to

Profit sharing

Prostitution (see vice)

Provisional Government Park Board

Public Employes Retirement System

Public Employes Retirement System Board

Public housing

Public Utility Commission

Public utility districts

Racing Commission, Oregon

Radio stations

Railroad Police Commissioners

Rationing Board

Real estate


Reclamation Commission, State

Reclamation Congress, Oregon


Republican Club, Oregon


Roadside Council, Oregon

Rogue River Coordination Board

Rural Rehabilitation Report

San Francisco World's Fair (see also Fair Commission)

Sanitary Authority, State

Selective Service

Sherman County


Soil Conservation Commission

Speed limit

Sprague material (personal)

State Bar

State Defense

Container 7

State Guard

Statesman, Oregon (newspaper)

Steamship (see also pilotage)

Stream pollution


Tax Commission


Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission

Trade barriers

Traffic safety


Transportation, Office of Defense

Treasurer, State



Umatilla County


Unemployment Compensation Commission, State

Union County


United Service Organizations for National Defense

Vernonia mill strike

Vessels (wooden)

Veterinary Examiners, State Board of


Vocational Education, State Board for

Wage and Hour Commission, State

Wallowa County

War Manpower Commission

War Production Board

Water rights

Welfare Commission, County

Welfare Commission, State

Wildlife conservation

Willamette University (Salem, Oregon)

Women's assistance

World War Veterans' State Aid Commission

Youth material

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