Governor Robert W. Straub's Administration

Record Descriptions

Administrative Correspondence, 1975-1978

Affirmative Action Case Files, 1974-1979

Executive Clemency Records, 1975-1978

Executive Orders, 1975-1978

Extraditions, 1975-1978

Legal Appointment Records, 1975-1978

Legal Counsel Correspondence, 1975-1978

Management Council Records, 1976-1979

Natural Resource Records, 1975-1978

Press Release Index, 1975-1978

Press Releases, 1974-1977

Proclamations, 1975-1978

"Special of the Week", 1975

Speech Index, 1975-1978

Speeches, 1975-1978

"Special of the Week"


.1 cubic feet, 1 reel

Container 58

Arrangement: not arranged.

Series contains a sound recording from a Public Broadcasting System television show documenting a series of public meetings attended by the Governor in Eastern Oregon. Topics include land conservation and development environmental quality, transportation, highways, property taxes, school budgets, and foreign trade.

The tape is reel to reel, recorded at seven and one-half inches per second, and is approximately thirty minutes long.


Administrative Correspondence


40.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: numerical by subject

Containers 59-98

Series documents the communications and activities of the Governor's Office. Series includes correspondence, financial reports, speeches, informational pamphlets, job applications, and information requests. Correspondence consists primarily of constituent letters. These include complaints, requests, and suggestions. Some complaints resulted in investigations which are also included.

Information includes financial analyses; names of board and commission members; agency heads; natural resource development plans; and legislative package research notes. Topics include Affirmative Action, energy, public safety, natural resources, transportation, taxation, labor, foreign relations, federal programs, and recreation.

See the container list.


Affirmative Action Case Files


1.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: by claimant name

Containers 7 & 8

Series documents communications related to discrimination claims.

Series includes performance appraisals, complaints, and correspondence related to each case. Cases include discrimination claims based on gender, race, and/or age.


Executive Clemency Records


7.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by convict surname

Containers 11 -17

Series documents the process and decisions made for the granting of executive clemencies and pardons. Series includes notification of intent to file for clemency by convict, police records, correspondence, and the executive decision. In cases where clemency was granted a notification is sent to the district attorney's office, where the case was tried, notifying them of the decision to approve executive clemency.


Executive Orders


.1 cubic feet

Arrangement: numerical by Executive Order number

Container 8

Series documents the execution of the Governor's privilege for setting policies. Executive orders are formal declarations made by the Governor and used to allocate resources and powers that are at the Governor's disposal. Information includes date order enacted, text describing conditions and purpose of the order, and the order number. Topics covered by these orders include declarations of disaster areas and formation of commissions.




12.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by county name

Containers 18 - 29

Series documents activities involved in the extradition of criminals, both to and from the State of Oregon. Records include action reports, travel vouchers for retrieving prisoners, extradition requests from other states, and investigation reports requested by the Governor to aid in his extradition decisions.


Legal Appointment Records


4.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by county name

Container 1 - 4

Series documents communications and activities related to gubernatorial appointments of district attorneys and judges. Series includes background investigations of potential appointees by the State Police and correspondence.

Correspondence includes endorsements for and complaints about the candidates, and requests from the Governor to the candidates for more information about their background.


Legal Counsel Correspondence


1.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by month of letter

Container 8 - 9

Series documents communications and activities of the Legal Counsel's Office. Series includes affidavits, depositions, legal briefs, and correspondence. Correspondence includes requests for the Governor to intervene in judicial matters, complaints as to penitentiary conditions, reports of the cost of extraditions, and requests for legal opinions.

Topics include legal status of Sheriff's Posse Comitatus, juvenile corrections systems, costs of law enforcement, data processing security, executive clemency, and penitentiary conditions.


Management Council Records


1.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: by meeting thereunder chronological by month

Container 9 - 10

Series documents the activities and communications of the Governor's Management Council. Management Council advises the Governor and assists in the operation of the Executive branch of Government.

Series includes policy plans, meeting minutes, and cost savings program files. Topics include agency conflict of interest policy; reports from task forces on ethics; public employe work history disclosures; and Common Cause, a lobbying group working to limit the spending of political action committees and to control taxation.


Natural Resource Records


28.0 cubic feet

Arrangement: by subject

Container 30 - 57

Series documents the communications and activities of the Natural Resources advisor. The advisor's position is appointed by the Governor. Series includes reports, correspondence, maps, and petitions. Topics discussed include the drought of 1976 - 1977; water management practices, such as damming of the Rogue River and it's tributaries; forest practices management, including the creation and maintenance of wilderness areas and wild and scenic rivers system; and the development of Oregon's natural energy resources. Correspondents include the Army Corps of Engineers, forest industries, local governments, and state agencies.

See the container list.


Press Release Index


.25 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject

Container 10

Series is used to index press releases issued by the Governor's office. Information includes dates and subjects of each release. Subjects include Native Americans, housing, aging, unemployment, energy, and announcements concerning visiting foreign dignitaries.

Copies of the press releases are contained in the series "Press Releases".


Press Releases


.75 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by date of release

Container 5

Series documents gubernatorial press releases publicizing events, programs, and activities related to the Governor's office. Information includes dates, subjects, and quotations from the Governor. Topics include Native Americans, housing, care for the elderly, unemployment, and energy.

An index of press releases can be found in the series titled "Press Release Index".




.25 cubic feet

Arrangement: numerical by original proclamation number

Container 5

Series documents time set aside by the Governor to honor special interest groups or activities. Series includes proclamations made for "Secretaries Day", "Obey the Speed Week", "Good Health Week", and the "Month to Read".


Speech Index


.1 cubic feet

Arrangement: alphabetical by subject of speech

Container 10

Series is used to index speeches made by the Governor. The index includes the date and subject of each speech. Subjects include "Special Messages" to the Legislative Assembly on energy, aging, and housing; Native Americans; housing for the elderly; Willamette River Greenway; unemployment; and receptions for foreign dignitaries.

Copies of the Speeches are included in the series titled "Speeches".




1.25 cubic feet

Arrangement: chronological by month speech.

Container 6 -7

Series documents speeches made by the Governor to groups, including the Legislative Assembly, the Governor's Conference, the United States Congress, and several townhall style meetings with the public. Topics include energy development, land conservation, logging practices, taxes, the fishing industry, and agriculture.

An index of speeches can be found in the series titled "Speech Index".

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