Governor George L. Curry's Administration

Weapons Distribution Message, 1856

Source: Oregon State Archives, Oregon Provisional and Territorial Records, 1856, Calendar No. 9698.


Weapons Distribution

Messages – Governor Curry

Year 1856

To the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Oregon:

I have the honor to inform the Legislative Assembly that I have recently received from the general government the quota of arms due the Territory. By the most recent law of Congress for the distribution of arms to the Territories, each Territory which has not received an equivalent to 2000 muskets, were entitled to that number. In the suppression of the Indian hostilities in Southern Oregon, in 1853 50 rifles were obtained by requisition from the ordinance stores at Fort Vancouver for the people of Jackson County which have been deducted from the number due, 2000 muskets.

The money value of the munitions of war furnished upon my requisition by the military storekeeper of [ordinance], at Fort Vancouver, for the repulsion of present Indian aggression, has also been deducted, agreeably to my pledge made at the time my requisitions were answered. These deductions have reduced the number to 1383 muskets.

The annual assignment of arms to the Territories after the year 1854, may be drawn in such arms, or field military, as may be desired. Consequently, for the year 1855, I made a requisition for 74 Colts Patent Revolvers, instead of 137 muskets due, and I am happy to state that they have been received and are now with the other arms in charge of the Department of the Quarter Master General of the Territory

Territory of Oregon, Executive Office

Salem, Jan 18th 1856,

Geo. L. Curry

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