February 04, 2003   Hearing Room D

1:00 PM Tapes  15 - 18


MEMBERS PRESENT:            Rep. Jeff Kropf, Chair

Rep. George Gilman, Vice-Chair

Rep. Kelly Wirth, Vice-Chair

Rep. Donna Nelson

Rep. Patti Smith


MEMBER EXCUSED:            Rep. Dave Hunt

                                                Rep. Terry Beyer


STAFF PRESENT:                  Ray Kelly, Committee Administrator

David Peffley, Committee Assistant



MEASURES HEARD:                     HB 2254 - Public Hearing and Work Session

                                                HB 2260 – Public Hearing



These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





TAPE 15, A


Chair Kropf

Calls the meeting to order and opens a public hearing on HB 2254.



Chuck Craig

Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture. Presents HB 2254,  to update fees for brand inspection to compensate for twelve years of inflation.  Submits (EXHIBIT A), written testimony and      (EXHIBIT  B), written material in support of HB 2254.


Chair Kropf

Asks if the staffing levels have remained constant at the Department of Agriculture.



Responds that they have in fact decreased as the Department has become more efficient.


Katie Fast

Submits (EXHIBIT C)  and testifies in support of HB 2254, which is integral to the agricultural industry.


Greg Addington

Associate Director of Government Affairs, Oregon Farm Bureau.  Reaffirms Fast’s testimony.


Chair Kropf

Affirms Fast’s testimony.  Closes the public hearing on HB 2254 and opens a work session on HB 2254.



Ray Kelly

Notes the subsequent referral to Ways and Means by prior reference.


Rep. Smith

MOTION:  Moves HB  2254 to the floor with a DO PASS Recommendation and BE RERERRED to the Committee on Ways and Means by prior reference.


Rep. Nelson

Voices concern about a fee increase and affirms that she will vote yes on this bill only as a courtesy.



VOTE:  5-0

EXCUSED:  2 - Beyer, Hunt


Chair Kropf

Hearing no objection, declares the motion CARRIED.


Chair Kropf

Opens a public hearing HB 2260.



Chuck Smith

Medford, Oregon. Member of the External Budget Committee for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW).  Testifies in favor of HB 2260 as necessary to keep vital programs viable.


Paul Hanneman

Tillamook County Commissioner.  Submits (EXHIBIT D) and testifies with limited support for HB 2260 to provide sufficient funding for salmon hatcheries.


Chair Kropf

Questions whether the funding for this program is in a dedicated account.


Jerry Dove

Testifies in support of HB 2260.  States that if the bill fails that we will have no hatchery fish within four years.  Informs the committee that Tillamook County can not take another hit to its economy, and that this  will happen if this bill fails. 

TAPE 16, A


Ray Kelly

Responds to the Chair’s previous question about dedicated accounts deposited in the wildlife.


Rep. Nelson

States concern about those who cannot afford the increase.  Asks if there is any alternative.



Responds that it is necessary to keep hatcheries open.


Rep. Nelson

Asks if we can go back to zero-based budgeting and root out unnecessary expenditures..



States that he isn’t the one to answer that question, but reiterates his support for HB 2260.


Senator Dukes

Speaks in favor HB 2260.  Speaks to the need to bring in revenue.  Reiterates that Ways and Means have cut all that they can and can’t afford any more cuts.


Rep. Hopson

Reaffirms Senator Dukes’ testimony and supports HB 2260. 


Ben Hathaway

Tillamook.  Speaks in favor of HB 2260.  Owns a sportsfishing store in Tillamook.  States that in an interview of 1,127 people regarding the fee, there was only one dissenting voice.


Stanley Steele

Speaks in favor of HB 2260.  States that a reduction in hatchery fish will negatively impact the economy in many ways, including harm to local business.  These fees are needed to support ODFW, which serves the needs of common anglers.


Phil Adams

Roseburg Resources Co.  Submits (EXHIBIT E) in support of HB 2260.  States the need to generate revenue as necessary to keep programs running.


Ralph Perkins

Salem Trout Advisory Committee member.  States that he doesn’t like to raise fees, but that the alternative is unacceptable. 


David Peters

Coos Bay resident and past president of many diverse organizations dedicated to fish and wildlife propagation.  Speaks in favor of HB 2260.  Testifies that hatchery fish do repopulate and that the program works great. 


Norm Ritchie

President of the Association of Northwest Steelheaders.  Points out that there is broad base of support for this legislation. Asserts that the costs are not exorbitant. 


Terry Thompson

Lincoln County Commissioner.  States support for HB 2260 and attests to the widespread support for this bill.

TAPE 15, B


Bob Jacobson

Resident of Newport, lifelong fisherman.  Spent over 100 days fishing in the past year.  Affirms that even with the fee increase, that fishing is a very affordable form of entertainment.  Supports HB 2260 so that future generations are able to fish as well.


Jim Woods

Secretary-Treasurer of the Tillamook Anglers.  Affirms support for HB 2260.


Steve Mathers

Oregon Guides and Packers.  States objection to the double increase for outfitters, buts otherwise supports HB 2260. 


Rep. Nelson

Asks why the outfitters pay more.



Responds that it’s the outgrowth of past legislation.


Rep. Nelson

Asks outfitters if they realize that this bill adds a salary increase to ODFW. 



Testifies that he believes that the money is used very wisely.


Rep. Wirth

Asks if this extra payment is typical.



Testifies that it is typical.


Mike Crawford

States dependence on the outfitter’s tags to survive.  States a desire for an amendment to this bill.  Testifies to the prices for tags in different states.


Mike Carey

Regional Director, National Wild Turkey Federation.  Affirms full support for HB 2260.  States that wildlife people are also concerned about the effects of the failure of this measure. 


Ron Gerber

Florence Salmon and Trout Advisory Committee.  Testifies in support of  HB 2260, but supports revisiting Rep. Nelson’s ideas of lowering tag prices for seniors and disabled people after we’re out of financial trouble.


Ron Byrd

Nestucca Valley Sporting Goods and President of Nestucca Anglers. As a retailer in Tillamook County, he observes that everyone in his area is supporting this legislation.  Affirms a desire to see $3,000.000 to go to the hatcheries, rather than to salaries. 


Karen Smith

Nurse from Bend.  Testifies in support of HB 2260.  States that her fees are minimal compared to the benefits received. 


Kelly Smith

Testifies that cuts would be too drastic if HB 2260 does not pass.  States her concern that ODFW is underfunded. 

TAPE 16, B


Dick Hellberg

Offers support for HB 2260.  States his desire to have out of state people pay more than Oregonians. 


Ron Yoakum

Douglas County board of Commissioners.  Offers testimony in support of HB 2260 as important to keeping the Rock Creek Hatchery open. 


Rep. Nelson

Points out that senior discounts only apply to residents of the state for fifty years.  Adds that we don’t offer discounts for veterans.  


Tom Davis

Alsea Watershed Council Chairman.  States that few agencies get as much for their money as ODFW does.  Strongly supports raising fees in order to keep ODFW properly funded.


Jerry Ray

Board member of many wildlife organizations.  Offers support for HB 2260 in order to maintain services at same level.  Requests that EE Wilson wildlife area be spared cuts.  Submits (EXHIBIT F) in support of HB 2260.


Bob Rees

President, Tillamook Guide Association.  States strong support for HB 2260 in order to maintain hatchery programs.


Jane Hunts

Speaking on behalf of the Foundation for North American W0ild Sheep.  States support of HB 2260 as to keep staff at its current level.  Emphasizes that the biologists must be retained and not be laid off. 

TAPE 17, A


Jack Mattice

Avid fisherman from out of state.   Testifies that increasing the cost of tags will not keep him from returning to fish in Oregon.


Tray Carskadon

Northwest Sportfishing Industry. Offers that businesses such as those dealing with sport fishing are dependent upon the passage of HB 2260. 


Liz Hamilton

Reaffirms Mr. Carskadon’s testimony. 


Joe Colver

State Organizers for the Oregon Trappers Association.  Points out that trappers don’t want to pay more in fees, but they realize the importance of this legislation and thus support HB 2260.  


Russ Paterson

Board of Directors, Tillamook Anglers.  Testifies that the hatcheries are very important to step operations, and that their closure would be devastating. 


Brenda  Coker

ODFW.  Submits (EXHIBIT G) offers testimony in support of HB 2260, as failure to pass this legislation will force them to lay off their volunteer coordinator and volunteer staff.


Dennis Richey

Executive Director, Oregon Anglers.  (EXHIBIT H)  Testifies that Oregon Anglers would rather have fish to catch, and thus support the tax as the lesser of two evils.


Jim Crotts

Sweet Home fisherman who paid over $650 in guide fees last year.  States his concern that if HB 2260 does not pass, many people involved in the fishing industry will lose their job.


Raymond Miller

Member of Mid-Willamette Valley Anglers.  States that this group strongly supports HB 2260.


Tom Burgess

Canby fishing guide.  Testifies in favor of HB 2260.  States that no one he knows has any problems paying the fee increase.   

TAPE 18, A


Rachel Burgess

Native Oregonian employed in recreational travel.  Expresses how popular fishing is with out of state tourists and to lose it would be to lose much tourism.


James Cathcart

Submits (EXHIBIT I) in support of HB 2260.  Expresses concern for the sustainability of Oregon’s fishing. 


Bruce Taylor

Director, Defenders of Wildlife.  Submits (EXHIBIT J) in support of HB 2260.  States concern for the continuance of wildlife damage control. 


Rod Brobeck

Executive Director, Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation.  Expresses support for HB 2260. 


Frank Warrens

Testifies that the loss of production from hatcheries would have a negative impact on the U.S-Canada Pacific Salmon Treaty.  Recommends passage of HB 2260 for this reason and all the others stated.


Dale Blanchard

Submits (EXHIBIT K) and testifies that the cost of the fishing license is insignificant in relation to the money spent in small town  while fishing. 


Lance Fisher

Life-long fishing guide. Testifies that his future working in hatcheries is in jeopardy.  Believes that not only should this measure pass, but that we should look at other funding sources. 


Robert Botta

Executive Director, National Foundation of Wildlife.  Testifies in support of HB 2260 and encourages that EE Wilson wildlife area will be funded. 


Bob Salinger

Director of the Audubon Society of Portland.  Submits (EXHIBIT L)  and testifies that the proposed fee increases are necessary to allow a number of key programs to continue. 

TAPE 17, B


Brad Daum

Testifies that fishing is a great family activity and that he would be happy to pay the increase to continue to have quality fishing.


Al Elkins

Submits (EXHIBIT M) and testifies in favor of HB 2260, in order to support the field biologists and OSP officers.


Jerod Broadfoot

Safari Club International.  Testifies in support of HB 2260, as the fees are low, comparable to other states.


Darlene Kline-Dolby

Submits (EXHIBIT N) and testifies that fee increases are necessary to maintain the status quo at ODFW.


Chair Kropf

Closes the public hearing on HB 2260 and adjourns the meeting at 3:53.



The following  prepared testimony is submitted for the record without public testimony for HB 2260.


Tom Vanderplatt

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT O)


Bill Moshofsky

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT P).


Wayne Giesy

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT Q).


Dennis Oliphant

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT R).


Jim Martin

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT S).


Roger Gertenrich

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT T).


Tim Bailey

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT U).


Dick Posey

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT V).


Robert Funk

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT W).


Dave Strahan

Sumbits written testimony (EXHIBIT X).





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D – HB 2260, written testimony, Paul Hanneman, 1 p.

E – HB 2260, written testimony, Phil Adams, 1 p.

F – HB 2260, written testimony, Jerry Ray, 11 pp.                  

G – HB 2260, written testimony, Brenda Coker, 8 pp.

H – HB 2260, written testimony, Dennis Richey, 1 p.

I – HB 2260, written testimony, Jim Cathcart, 1 p.

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