February 05, 2003†† Hearing Room 50

3:00 PM Tapes18 - 19


MEMBERS PRESENT:††††††††††† Rep. Ben Westlund, Chair

Rep. Steve March, Vice-Chair

Rep. Susan Morgan

Rep. Jeff Merkley

Rep. Jeff Kruse

Rep. Alan Bates


MEMBER EXCUSED:††††††††††† Rep. Randy Miller


GUEST MEMBERS:†† ††††††††††† Rep. Gordon Anderson

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Rep. Carolyn Tomei

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Rep. Billy Dalto

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Rep. Laurie Monnes Anderson


STAFF PRESENT:††††† ††††††††††† Rick Berkobien, Committee Administrator

Kelly Fuller, Committee Assistant



ISSUES HEARD:†††††††† ††††††††††† Discussion on Committee Presentations




These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speakerís exact words.For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





TAPE 18, A


Chair Westlund

Calls meeting to order at 3:20 pm begins committee presentation and opens the informational meeting.



Chair Westlund

Meeting in Recess due to audience interruption.


Chair Westlund

Meeting called to order again after interruption asks that the audience cooperate though the meeting and then he will deviate from the agenda and have some witness testimony.


Rep. Morgan

Makes comments about what she has learned though this process, comments that their would be great value in trying to do what we can to group like services and like funding streams together in a more comprehensive way and try to deal with the holes, gaps and overlaps.


Chair Westlund

Responds to Rep. Morgan and the other members about our charge of the committee.


Rep. Kruse

Comments that he appreciates the work Chair Westlund is doing on this committee.Comments that he wished the entire body of the legislature could have the depth of knowledge that this committee is going to get into on this issue and elaborates.


Rep. Merkley

Comments that we have had an excellent overview, but he does not really understand from the point of view from the advocates and would like to know if there is someone who serves in that role for low income health care clients that can help us see what it looks like when you are applying and elaborates the need he sees.


Chair Westlund

Comments that the purpose of this meeting is to just take a breath and recap what we have learned to date and get feedback from all of the members.


Rep. March

Comments that he thinks there might be some savings in referral fees, or some savings in the insurance system, if the high risk pool was treated accurately.


Chair Westlund

Makes comments about that it is not only savings, but maximizing Federal dollars where those are slipping though the cracks.


Rep. Bates

Makes comments about the Oregon Health Plan and the process that we are beginning.


Chair Westlund

Comments that those were excellent remarks, and continues with his comments about the direction we are taking.


Rep. Dalto

Makes comments on the voucher system and tells the chair and committee that he looks forward to learning more and continuing to serve on this committee.


Chair Westlund

Agrees with the comments from Rep. Dalto and continues.


Rep. March

Comments that going back to Medicaid would be a total failure and any retreat from serving as many people would be a mistake and comments that the net effect would not be positive.


Chair Westlund

Wants to know where the committee wants to go next week.Asks for input.

TAPE 19, A


Rep. Anderson

Would like to hear from local IPAís (Independent Physicians Association) on what answers they may have for part of the plan.


Chair Westlund

Comments that we are already looking into those providers already.


Rep. Anderson

Asks what consumer groups would we normally be asking to come in.


Chair Westlund

Comments that we will have invited testimony and public testimony.


Rep. Monnes Anderson

Would like to quiz the public agencies about why they bill for some things and not other things.Would like to know why school nurses are not billing for the CHIP (Childrenís Health Insurance Program) money.


Chair Westlund

Comments on what he has heard.


Rep. Kruse

Would like to hear from Safety Net Clinics, providers in the plans, not just the plans, however, would like to hear from Kaiser Permanente, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield the Insurance side of things.Asks if we want to get into their concerns before we get into the mental health system.


Rep. Tomei

Would like to hear from all consumer advocates like NAMI. (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)


Rep. Anderson

Comments of preventative care and training people on that to prevent the sever problems before it is too late.


Chair Westlund

Calls the meeting to recess because of interruptions from the public.


Chair Westlund

Calls the meeting back to order and makes comments about where we left off before the interruption.


Rep. Morgan

Talks with the audience and asks for suggestions about how to make this situation better.


Rep. Bates

Agrees with Rep. Morgan and asks the audience to work with us because he understands the issue is sensitive.Would like to hear from Hospital Associations and Safety Net Clinics.



Public Testimony

Hope Whitehead speaks about a solution to the current problem.Talks about raising the price of alcohol and we would not run into so many problems.


Rep. Morgan

Thanks the guest for her testimony.


Chair Westlund

Comments that we all get nervous when we testify in front of one another.


Rep. Tomei

Asks if Ruth wanted to testify and appreciates her being here.


Gweneth van Frank Carlson

Gives testimony about her feelings and concerns about the current situation.She acknowledges the members for their efforts.


Rep. Morgan

Talks to Gweneth about her comments being heartfelt and tells her that we recognize the human aspect of the problem and encourages her to continue coming and participating in the way she has.


Frank Carlson

Continues to testify.


Rep. Merkley

Thank you for reminding us that behind every number is a face.Assures her that we will be turning to the experts on the state level and the consumer level about what works and what doesnít.

TAPE 18, B


Frank Carlson

Thanks the committee for giving them time to speak and states that they want them to pass Speaker of the House Karen Minnisís proposal and then some.


Chair Westlund

Thanks her for coming to speak and invites her to be here everyday if she would like, comment that we will respect their rights and their needs if they respect the right to the legislative process.


Frank Carlson

Comments that she is willing to respect the legislative process as long as we deal with the top priorities and the critical issues of people dying.


Chair Westlund

Gives advise about how we can all work together.


Amy Sackett

Consumer Empowerment Team.Has been diagnosed with Mental illness and would like to see us talk to folks in the domestic violence arena.


Ken Rivernider

of Eugene.Gives 2 potential solutions to save money.Number one solutions would be to not throw the many consumers into the emergency medical system and second he feels that we should increase the taxes on tobacco and it will reduce the impact on the poor and children.


Steve Weiss

Board President of the Mental Health Association and Vice Chair of the Multnomah County Disabilities Advisory Council.We need to decide whether health care is to be a human right or something to be earned.


Garth Putnam

Owner and operator of Most Cost Effective Way, testifies about his life in his generation and states concern about the priorities.His solution was to educate his children at home.


Rep. Bates

Comments to a question from the witness about financial aid for home school parents.



Continues and asks that we give a safety net to consumers.


Laura Woodruff

Portland.Testifies about music being a universal language.Asks the members how many of them are disabled.Asked her peers to come up with a list of advocacy groups that could speak before this committee.


Mike Levine

Makes his comments about people dying and comments that he understands the job that the legislators have before them.


Lynn McKinney

Her concern is the people that are being cut are being devalued, cast off or incapable.Comments about how she does not want to go back in the past, she herself was in an institution and asks what are we going to say to our children as they step over bodies in the street because this is what is going to happen.Please donít let Oregon be known for throwing away people with disabilities.


Chair Westlund

Thanks them all for their testimony.Closes the informational meeting with public testimony and adjourns 5:15pm.