March 11, 2003                                                                                                       Hearing Room B

1:00 p.m.                                                                                                                       Tapes 33 - 34


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Sen. Bill Morrisette, Chair

Sen. Bill Fisher, Vice-Chair

Sen. John Minnis

Sen. Frank Shields

Sen. Charles Starr

Sen. Vicki Walker


STAFF PRESENT:                 Marjorie Taylor, Administrator

Saranelle Allen, Committee Assistant


MEASURE/ISSUES HEARD:           SB 74 – Public Hearing

                                                SB 357 – Public Hearing and Work Session


These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





Tape 33, A


Chair Morrisette

Convenes meeting at 1:11 p.m. and opens a public hearing on SB 74.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains SB 74 and the SB 74-1 amendment (EXHIBIT A).


Sen. Peter Courtney

District 11.  Testifies in favor of SB 74. (EXHIBIT B).  This bill requires insurance company’s to continue to cover treatment for PKU dietary deficiency.  The bill has a sunset.  Reviews insurance ruling that stops coverage.


Sen. Minnis

Asks question on the amendments and why we are reviewing the bill at this time if the sunset has already been extended.


Sen. Courtney

States that the insurance company’s will oppose the bill.


Kathleen Huntington

Oregon Health Sciences University.  Submits written testimony and reviews a visual presentation in support of SB 74 (EXHIBIT C).



Gives extensive details on the genetic metabolic disorder and the many factors involved in the care if this condition is diagnosed at birth.  Advises a variety of costs incurred. 


Sen. Morrisette

Asks several questions on the life expectancy of people being treated, or not treated.



Explains that life expectancy could last into senior years.


Sen. Shields

Asks what happens to an individual who is on the diet for 20 or so years, and then went off diet. 



Advises that problems do arise, most noticeably problems with mental concentration.


Dr. Cary Harding

Assistant Professor, Oregon Health & Science University.  Submits written testimony in favor of passage of the bill, and continues to serve patients who are on the diet program (Exhibit D).  States this program is world-wide, and there are 35 states on the books in the U.S. that offer this support.  Further advises if an adult goes off the program it drastically impacts their mental abilities, and hinders them staying employed and functioning in daily life.


Sen. Shields

Asks how many states on the current list are going through the sunset renewals on the bills.


Chair Morrisette

Asks what happens if a person goes to another state, and then has to reapply for this program.



Gives several answers.


Michael Skeels, PhD

Administrator.  Oregon Department of Human Services.  Submits written testimony in favor of SB 74 (Exhibit E).  Advises he has screened 1½ million infants in the process.

Tape 34, A


Katie Kelsh

10 yr. old child.  Gives written testimony on her own health with PKU (EXHIBIT F).


Tim & Sheryl Kelsh

Parents of Katie Kelsh.  Gives additional written testimony on his daughter’s health, and the benefits of the dietary program.  Speaks in favor of SB 74 (EXHIBIT G).



Relates the family’s 9 month ordeal on getting their new insurance plan to cover their daughter’s health care.  Testifies to request renewal to reinstate this legislation to insure insurance carriers continue the coverage.


Sen. Fisher

Asks question on processing food to eliminate the acid that causes the health problems.



Gives specifics on the food product.


Joanne Rogovoy

March of Dimes.  Testifies in favor of SB 74 (EXHIBIT H).


Caroline Brenneman

Parent.  Testifies in favor of SB 74 (EXHIBIT I).


Jennifer L. Jones

Citizen.  Explains her health problems with PKU, and testifies in favor of SB 74 (EXHIBIT J).


Sen. Walker

Asks questions on whether blood testing is required.



Replies, yes, usually monthly.


Anne Bedney

Parent.  Testifies concerning the health of her two year old son, Evan.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT K).


Pam Corona

Parent.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 74 (EXHIBIT L).


Susan King

Citizen.  Submits written testimony but does not testify (EXHIBIT M).


Sen. C. Starr

Submits written testimony from Janet and Tyler Reimers in support of SB 74 (EXHIBIT N).


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 74.  States that some amendments were being checked into and we will return the bill for a work session and take action at that time.

Tape 33, B


Sen. Walker

States concern on why we have to keep passing a sunset bill.


Sen. Minnis

Raises question on hearing from insurance industry on these mandates.


Sen. Fisher

Reviews mandated bills on insurance.


Peggy Anet

Health Insurance Association of America.  Testifies that medical field is drastically changing and it is good to have reviews, and thus allow for changes in the statute as things improve.


Sen. Minnis

Asks if she is aware of any research in this particular area. 



States she has not looked into this illness and is not opposed to the bill.


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 74, and opens public hearing on SB 357.



Sen. Tony Corcoran

District 4.  Testifies in favor of SB 357.


Bob Repine

Director of Oregon Housing Community Services.  Gives background on SB 357, and speaks  in favor of a task force on affordable housing for developmentally disabled adults.


Chair Morrisette

Asks questions on budget reimbursements.


Sen. Corcoran

Advises additional information on funding.


Sen. Minnis

Asks if expanding the bill would be of benefit. 



Advises that each population that was noted may have some commonality, but there are a lot of other areas that don’t.


Sen. Corcoran

States there is no intent of leaving out any groups, i.e., faith-based.


Chair Morrisette

Gives additional information on a group in Springfield.


Sen. Minnis

Expresses further concern on expanding the opportunities of the bills.

Tape 34, B


Francisco Lopez

Executive Director.  Integrated Services Network.  Gives testimony in favor of SB 357. 


Lou Enge

Mainstream Housing.  Gives testimony in support of SB 357 (EXHIBIT O).  Explains the types of housing being developed in this area.  Expresses hope that affordable housing can be made available, since most developmentally disabled individuals are on extremely limited income.


Chair Morrisette

Advises that this bill goes to Ways and Means next.


Carol McLeod

Parent, Dundee, OR.  Gives testimony on her son’s behalf with concerns on adult housing.  States she works for sustainable housing for developmentally disabled children.


Angie Keim

McMinnville, OR.  Gives testimony in support of SB 357, explains her health issues.


Bob Smith

Parent, Newberg, OR.  Submits written testimony in favor of SB 357 (EXHIBIT P).  Advises how his in-home care facility for his 33-year old daughter has worked, and fears that it won’t be continued once he and his spouse are no longer alive.





Ralph Rogers

Submits written testimony but unable to testify due to time constraints (EXHIBIT Q).


Janine Delaunay

Submits written testimony but unable to testify due to time constraints (EXHIBIT R).


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing and opens a work session on SB 357.



Sen. Minnis

MOTION:  Moves SB 357 to the floor with a DO PASS recommendation and BE REFERRED to the committee on Ways and Means by prior reference.



VOTE:  6-0

AYE:  In a roll call vote, all members present vote Aye.


Chair Morrisette

The motion CARRIES.


Chair Morrisette

Adjourns meeting at 3:02 p.m.











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