April 3, 2003                                                                                                           Hearing Room B

1:00 pm                                                                                                                Tapes  49 - 50 - 51


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Sen. Bill Morrisette, Chair

Sen. Bill Fisher, Vice-Chair

Sen. John Minnis

Sen. Frank Shields

Sen. Charles Starr

Sen. Vicki Walker


STAFF PRESENT:                 Marjorie Taylor, Administrator

Saranelle Allen, Committee Assistant


MEASURE/ISSUES HEARD:           SB 1 – Public Hearing



These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





Tape 49, A


Chair Morrisette

Convenes meeting at 1:06 p.m. and opens a public hearing on SB 1.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains bill.


Sen. Lenn Hannon

District 3.  Testifies in support of SB 1.  Reviews data on premium increases.


Pres. Peter Courtney

District 11.  Testifies in support of SB 1, and advises the number of states that have introduced a parity bill (EXHIBIT A).  Expresses his feeling on the importance of passing this type of bill. 


Sen. Avel Gordley

District 23.  Testifies in support of SB 1 as a co-sponsor, and explains the issues on mental health discrimination and attitudes (EXHIBIT B).


Sen. Kate Brown

District 21.  Testifies in support of SB 1. 


Sen. Walker

Asks question on suicide prevention for youth. 


Sen. Brown

Replies that mental health medical coverage will definitely help.


Sen. Hannon

Replies on mental health insurance coverage for all employers.


John Powell

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield – Talks about the -2 amendments.  Introduces, Lynn Hagen (Regence), and Dr. Tom Foster, (Psychiatric Medical Consultant – Regence).



Explains an exercise in opposition requested by Sen. Hannon to the original bill from last session (SB 112).  Expresses concern on the costs of health insurance that is passed on to the employers and the employees.  Further reviews expected costs in adding this insurance and the mental health part of the policy.  Explains PEBB costs.

Tape 50, A


Sen. Shields

Asks questions on treatment for tribe members, and if the amendments would have any adverse impact.



Gives a reply concerning qualifications, and unsure if any impact on programs.


Leonard Hagen

Regence/BlueCross.  Gives an overview and explanation on the proposed SB 1, -2 amendments in detail (EXHIBIT C).



Reviews the last page. 


Chair Morrisette

Asks if there are similarities to these changes in other states.



States that his group was responding to the items in this particular bill.


Sen. Fisher

Asks if these amendments would then be supported by Blue Cross.


Tom Foster

States he concurs that this bill does offer true health care parity.


Sen. Fisher

States there is no cap on this bill noted.



Asks for clarification.


Sen. Fisher

Asks several questions of Powell on caps and legal regulations.

Tape 49, B



Explains variations in costs for parity.


Sen. Fisher

Asks questions on small business burden for insurance coverage for employees. 


Sen. Minnis

Asks if most state employees are covered by Blue Cross.  Further asks about fiscal costs to the state to cover employees.


Mark Nelson

Public Affairs Council, Oregon Society of Clinical Social Workers.   Testifies in support of the -2 amendments enhancing the bill to express true parity.  States the importance of treating mental and physical health as one (EXHIBIT D). 


John McCulley

Oregon Psychiatric Association.  Testifies in support of the -2 amendments.


Dr. Connie Powell

Psychiatrist, President of Oregon Medical Association.  Gives testimony in support of mental health services.


Dr. Margaret Bennington-Davis

Medial Director Psychiatric Services, Salem Hospital.  Testifies in support of SB 1 and the proposed amendments (EXHIBIT E). 

Tape 50, B


Ron Gallinet

Bend Chamber of Commerce.  Testifies in opposition to SB1, and subsequent increase of insurance rates (EXHIBIT F). 


Juanita Price

Alliance for the Mentally Ill.  Testifies in support of SB 1 for mental health drugs (EXHIBIT G).


Leslie Ford

Cascadia Behavioral Health.  Submits written testimony on treatment for children, and costs of insurance for employees (EXHIBIT H).


Tim Hartnett

CODA, Inc.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 1 and reviews alcohol and drug abuse, and mandates (EXHIBIT I).


Gina Firman

Director.  Association of Community Mental Health Programs.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 1 (EXHIBIT J).


Dr. Susan Patchin

Oregon Psychological Association.  Gives testimony in support of

SB 1.


Dr. Ada Molinoff

Clinical and Consulting Psychology.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 1 (EXHIBIT K).  Explains about repetitive patient visits, and reason for same.


Kathy Savicki

National Association of Social Workers.  Submits written testimony in support of mental health portion of SB 1 (EXHIBIT L).


Sen. Minnis

States that this bill has no bearing on the Oregon Health Plan.



Gives explanation on payment procedures.

Tape 51, A


Linda Reilly

Portland.  Testifies as an advocate for children with mental illness, and explains the situation in raising her daughter with mental problems (EXHIBIT M).  Requests support of SB 1.


Joyce Van Anne

Ashland.  Gives testimony on mental issues with her child and requests support for SB 1 (EXHIBIT N).


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 1 and adjourns meeting at 3:03 p.m.





A – SB 1, written testimony, President Peter Courtney, 2 pp.

B – SB 1, written testimony, Senator Avel Gordly, 2 pp.

C – SB 1, -2 proposed amendment, 13 pp.

D – SB 1, written testimony, Mark Nelson, 8 pp.

E – SB 1, written testimony, Margaret Bennington-Davis, 2 pp.

F – SB 1, written testimony, Ron Gallinat, 2 pp.

G – SB 1, written testimony, Juanita Price, 1 p.

H – SB 1, written testimony, Leslie Ford, 2 pp.

I – SB 1, written testimony, Tim Hartnett, 9 pp.

J – SB 1, written testimony, Gina Firman, 1 p.

K – SB 1, written testimony, Ada Molinoff, 27 pp.

L – SB 1, written testimony, Kathy Savicki, 2 pp.

M – SB 1, written testimony, Linda Reilly, 50 pp.

N – SB 1, written testimony, Joyce Van Anne, 2 pp.

O – SB 1, written testimony, miscellaneous authors, 50 pp.