April 8, 2003                                                                                                           Hearing Room B

5:30 pm                                                                                                                 Tapes 54 – 55 - 56


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Sen. Bill Morrisette, Chair

Sen. Bill Fisher, Vice-Chair

Sen. John Minnis

Sen. Frank Shields

Sen. Charles Starr

Sen. Vicki Walker


STAFF PRESENT:                 Marjorie Taylor, Administrator

Saranelle Allen, Committee Assistant


MEASURE/ISSUES HEARD:  SB 1 – Public Hearing and Work Session


These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





Tape 54, A


Chair Morrisette

Convenes meeting at 5:37 pm and opens a public hearing on SB 1.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains the hearing will restart using the original sign up list from last week.


Holly Robinson

Legislative Council.  Gives an opinion on SB 1 as a modification on Measure 30.  States this bill would not be in violation of the measure on any mandates.


Dr. David Pollock

Mental Health and Addiction Services, DHS.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 1 (EXHIBIT A).


Sen. Walker

Asks about other states having parity.


Sen. Fisher

Raises question on cost increases.



Gives explanation on costs and parity provisions in other states.


John Lightowler

Oregon City.  Explains situation with his daughter’s mental problems, and concerns with insurance (EXHIBIT B).  Testifies on an incident with police and his daughter’s health. 


Angela Kimball

Portland.  Testifies in support of SB 1, and explains a family situation with her 13-year old son’s mental condition. 

Tape 55, A


Elizabeth Byers

Mental Health Association of Oregon.  Submits written testimony and speaks in support of SB 1 and mental health parity (EXHIBIT C).


Patrick Pine

ESCO Corporation.  Expresses concern on several areas of SB 1 and the amendments and relates concern on coverage to self-insured employees and increase in costs (EXHIBIT D).


Eileen Drake

PCC Structurals, Inc.  Submits written testimony in opposition to SB 1 and its impact on Oregon employers (EXHIBIT E).


Lisa Trussell

Associated Oregon Industries.  Testifies in opposition to SB 1 on concerns for industry’s ability to offer insurance to employees (EXHIBIT F).

Tape 54, B


Todd York

Insurance Agent.  Testifies against any increase in premiums for small business employers. 


Peggy Anet

Health Insurance Association of America.  Submits written testimony concerning actuarial advocates and earlier testimony taken from Ron Bachman (EXHIBIT G).


Mariana Bornholdt

Governor’s Commission on Senior Services.  Testifies in support of

SB 1, and responds to the -2 amendments, and states objection to treatment exclusions (EXHIBIT H).

Tape 55, B



Reviews several other areas of -2 amendment and recommends passing of SB 1 without the -2 amendment.


Jan Lacy

Portland.  Testifies concerning her son’s mental health experience and issues of parity (EXHIBIT I).


Dr. Bill Dalton

Testifies in support of SB 1 and hope for the elimination of the discrimination issues.


Corrine Speigel

Jewish Family and Child Services.  Testifies in support of SB 1 and explains health concerns on her adult son (Exhibit submitted on April 3, 2003 hearing).


Ed Condon

Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  Testifies against SB 1(Exhibit submitted on April 3, 2003 hearing).

Tape 56, A


Sandy Bumpus

Reads written testimony from Wayne Kigerl (EXHIBIT J), and also testifies concerning her own son’s mental health condition.

The following testimony is submitted for the record without public testimony for SB 1.


David McCabe

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT K)


Bob Joondeph

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT L)


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing and opens a work session on SB 1.



Sen. Walker

MOTION:  Moves to ADOPT SB 1-2 amendments dated 04/03/03.



VOTE:  5-0

AYE:  In a roll call vote, all members present vote Aye.

EXCUSED:  1 - Minnis


Chair Morrisette

The motion CARRIES.


Sen. Walker

Replies that the -2 amendments are a good compromise.


Sen. Walker

MOTION:  Moves SB 1 to the floor with a DO PASS AS AMENDED recommendation.



VOTE:  4-1-1

AYE:   4 - Sen. Shields, Sen. Starr, Sen. Walker, Sen. Morrisette

NAY:            1 - Sen. Fisher

EXCUSED:  1 - Sen. Minnis

SEN. HANNON AND SEN. GORDLY will lead discussion on the floor.


Chair Morrisette

The motion Carries.


Chair Morrisette

Relates that all the information and related data was very beneficial.



Expresses thanks to all who testified and for attending the hearings.


Sen. Shields

Relates that many other states had passed similar bills.


Chair Morrisette

Closes work session on SB 1 and adjourns meeting at 7:40 pm. 




A – SB 1, written testimony, David Pollack, 3 pp.

B – SB 1, written testimony, John Lightowler, 4 pp.

C – SB 1, written testimony, Elizabeth Byers, 1 p.

D – SB 1, written testimony, Patrick Pine, 5 pp.

E – SB 1, written testimony, Eileen Drake, 3 pp.

F – SB 1, written testimony, Lisa Trussell, 2 pp.

G – SB 1, written testimony, Peggy Anet, 31 pp.

H –SB 1, written testimony, Mariana Bornholdt, 2 pp.

I – SB 1, written testimony, Jan Lacy, 2 pp.

J – SB 1, submitted written testimony, Larabie/Kigerl, 2 pp.

K – SB 1, submitted written testimony, David McCabe, 5 pp.

L – SB 1, submitted written testimony, Bob Joondeph, 1 p.