April 17, 2003                                                                                                         Hearing Room B

1:00 pm                                                                                                                         Tapes 61 - 62


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Sen. Bill Morrisette, Chair

Sen. Bill Fisher, Vice-Chair

Sen. John Minnis

Sen. Charles Starr

Sen. Vicki Walker


MEMBER EXCUSED:          Sen. Frank Shields


STAFF PRESENT:                 Marjorie Taylor, Administrator

Saranelle Allen, Committee Assistant



MEASURE/ISSUES HEARD:           SB 541 – Public Hearing

                                                SB 669 – Public Hearing

                                                SB 806 – Public Hearing

SB 814 – Public Hearing


These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





Tape 61, A


Chair Morrisette

Convenes meeting at 1:20 p.m. and opens a public hearing on SB 541.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains the bill.  Submits written testimony from Governor’s Commission on Senior Services (EXHIBIT A).


Gina Firman

Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Program.  Testifies in support of SB 541.  Notes another bill, SB 146, with some amendments which is also in process, and suggests the ability to possibly combine the two bills.  States that Senator Winters would welcome this bill into Ways and Means.


Kevin Campbell

Eastern Oregon Human Services Consortium.  Testifies in support of SB 541.  Reviews some of the problems in the rural area of the state.


Bart Murray

Director, Alcohol and Drug Treatment program, Baker City.  Testifies in support of SB 541 and expresses hope for matching dollars. 


Sen. Walker

Expresses concern on any duplication of effort being done by another task force on a similar bill (as noted in testimony in Exhibit A).



Closes public hearing on SB 541 and opens a public hearing on

SB 669.




Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains the bill.  Enters written testimony from Robert Cantine and the Fiscal Analysis Statement dated 4/16/03 (EXHIBIT E).


Don Wence

Association of Engineering Employees.  Testifies in support of SB 669 with a Powerpoint presentation (EXHIBIT B).  Explains the many concerns in today’s health care crisis with workers having no medical insurance, due to job cuts, and escalating costs prohibiting insurance coverage.  Explains a fiscal statement and reviews the benefits of an employee VEBA plan.

Tape 62, A


Sen. Minnis

Asks questions on fiscal details, and the possibility of adapting the VEBA plan to fit the needs of the PERS program.



Explains various ways of having the VEBA plan function.


Mylia Christensen

Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB).  Advises that the board is currently in a planning stage for benefits for employees.  Testifies that the board has voted to remain neutral on a decision on a VEBA, and advises some possible fiscal concerns (EXHIBIT C). 


Steve Manton

City of Portland, Office of Management and Finance.  Testifies in opposition to the bill and a VEBA plan (EXHIBIT D).  Explains various concerns on expenses for sick leave claims which could be enforced by passage of this bill.


Shelli Honeywell

Department of Administrative Services.  Here to answer any fiscal questions.  Advises that the sick leave question is not a liability.


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 669 and opens a public hearing on SB 806.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains the bill.


Glenn Maynard

Oregon Mental Health Counselors Association.  Testifies in support of SB 806 (EXHIBIT F).  Explains the intent of the bill and additional services offered by insurance carriers.


Dr. Don Mihaloew

Testifies in support of SB 806, and explains licensing and degreed professionals.  Feels there would be no costs to government on this bill and explains that the benefits would be for the population of Oregon.

Tape 61, B


Dr. John Miller

President.  Oregon Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Testifies in support of SB 806 (see EXHIBIT F).  Advises the difficulties for patients to get into the system and receive services and then have them paid for.  States that costs for not providing treatment costs a lot more than the treatment.


Leonard Hagen

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Submits written testimony in opposition to SB 806 (EXHIBIT G).


Peggy Anet

Health Insurance Association of America.  Submits written testimony in opposition to SB 806 (EXHIBIT H).



Damiana Merryweather

Oregon Psychological Association.  Submits written testimony in opposition to SB 806 (EXHIBIT I).


John Deihl

Clinical Social Worker.  Testifies in support of SB 806.


Lisa Trussell

Associated Oregon Industries.  Testifies against SB 806, due to the cost impact.


Todd York

Independent Insurance Agent.  Testifies against SB 806.  Explains insurance rate increases, and feels members would be against the bill


Bruce Strada

Lutheran Community Services NW.  Testifies in support of SB 806.

The following prepared testimony is submitted for the record without public testimony for SB 806.


Caroline Gearing

Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT N)


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 806 and opens a public hearing on SB 814.



Marjorie Taylor

Administrator.  Explains bill.  Submits written testimony from David Oaks and William Schive (EXHIBIT J).


Sen. Richard Devlin

District 19.  Testifies in support of SB 814.  Speaks about outpatient mental health care, and current lack of any mandates.  Speaks about California law, known as Laura’s law and another, Kendra’s law.


Judith Poutasse

Lake Oswego.  Submits written testimony in support of SB 814 concerning her mentally ill sister (EXHIBIT K).

Tape 62, B


Cathy Chinn

Reviews a personal family story on their sister’s mental health issues.



Gives some specific information on the previously passed ruling in New York, called Kendra’s Law.


Chair Morrisette

Expresses the hope to push this bill further.


Sen. Minnis

Expresses complexities of this issue and feels it should be referred to an interim study. 


Gina Firman

Director of the Association of Community Mental Health Programs.  Expresses concern on the constitutional issues in SB 814, and would hope an interim study could be conducted.


Bob Joondeph

Oregon Advocacy Center.  Speaks in opposition to the bill, but would like to see the problem studied and addressed.


Bob Martin

Oregon Chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.  Submits written testimony in opposition to SB 814 and states he feels it is forced drugging (EXHIBIT L).


Jim McLeod

Manager Office of Mental Health & Addiction Services.  Testifies in opposition to SB 814 (EXHIBIT M).


John Woo

Testifies regarding his sister’s mental health problems.


Chair Morrisette

Closes public hearing on SB 814 and adjourns meeting at 2:59 p.m.





A – SB 541, submitted written testimony, Dolores Hubert, 1 p.

B – SB 669, written testimony and presentation, Don Wence, 18 pp.

C – SB 669, written testimony, Mylia Christensen, 2 pp.

D – SB 669, written testimony, Steve Manton, 1 p.

E – SB 669, submitted written testimony, Robert Cantine, 2 pp., and proposed

      Fiscal Analysis statement dated 4/16/03, staff, 2 pp.

F – SB 806, written testimony, Glenn Maynard, 72 pp.

G – SB 806, written testimony, Leonard Hagen, 1 p.

H – SB 806, written testimony, Peggy Anet, 1 p.

I – SB 806, written testimony, Damiana Merryweather, 2 pp.

J – SB 814, submitted written testimony, David Oaks and

        William Schive, 5 pp.

K – SB 814, written testimony, Judith Poutasse, 41 pp.

L – SB 814, written testimony, Bob Martin, 2 pp.

M – SB 814, written testimony, Jim MacLeod, 2 pp.


The following exhibit is listed out of order in the body of the tape log:

N – SB 806, submitted written testimony, Caroline Gearing, 1 p.