June 24, 2003                                                                                                   Hearing Room HR B

3:00 PM                                                                                                                       Tapes  69 - 70


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Sen. Jason Atkinson, Vice-chair, Presiding

Sen. Ginny Burdick, Vice-chair

Sen. Roger Beyer

Sen. Tony Corcoran


MEMBER EXCUSED:          Sen. Kate Brown, Co-chair

Sen. Bev Clarno, Co-chair


STAFF PRESENT:                 Jim Stembridge, Committee Administrator

Patricia Nielsen, Committee Assistant


MEASURE/ISSUES HEARD:           HB 2547A – Public Hearing


These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





TAPE 69, A


Vice-chair Atkinson

Calls the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.  Opens as a subcommittee.  Opens public hearing on HB 2547A, which requires information to be given to pregnant female 24 hours prior to abortion.



Rep. Betsy Close

District 15.  Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT A).  Discusses side effects of abortion.  Requests that women be given more information about the procedure.


Rep. Vic Backlund

District 25.  Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Discusses states’ rights to govern conditions under which abortions are performed.  Suggests women should be better informed of their choices.


Sen. Gary George

District 12.  Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Stresses that the measure is about providing information.


Rep. Mary Nolan

District 36.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT B).  Points out the measure is not necessary, because there is already sufficient care and counseling available and provided to pregnant women.  Discusses burden on women in rural areas where medical resources are scarce.


Debra Lee Wyant

Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT C).  Discusses potential traumatic results of abortion on women.

TAPE 70, A


Paula Lang

Oregon Catholic Conference; social worker.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT D).  Discusses traumatic effects of abortion on women, and need for additional information about alternatives.


Esther Ripplinger

Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT E).  Discusses experience during and after abortion.


Dr. James Mahoney

Physician.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT F).  Suggests it is an inappropriate intrusion into the relationship between a women and her doctor.  Points out the information to be supplied to the patient has not yet been developed.


Julie Powers

Nurse-practitioner; Planned Parenthood.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT G).  Asserts that information and care currently available are adequate.  Suggests health providers are required to provide information without a thorough examination.


Caroline Fitchett

Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT H).  Discusses burden on women if required to wait an extra 24 hours before an abortion.


Dr. Grant Higginson

State Public Health Officer, Department of Human Services (DHS).  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT I).  Clarifies the Department is in favor of informed consent.  Raises issues:

·         Sets different and more cumbersome standard from other procedures, with different legal consequences

·         Data does not support the need

·         Abortion is safe if early, more risky if delayed

·         Increased workload for the Department

TAPE 69, B


Rep. Carolyn Tomei

District 41.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Describes background as psychiatric social worker.  Discusses satisfaction of most women with their care during and after abortion.  Recommends using the same standard as for other medical treatment.


Sen. Burdick

Asks about studies and whether they were peer reviewed.


Dr. Higginson

Discusses a Kaiser study.


Sen. Beyer

Asks about fiscal impact.


Dr. Higginson

Discusses costs, which are not included in the Governor’s budget.



Committee Administrator.  Discusses the fiscal impact (EXHIBIT J).


Dr. Higginson

Explains the Department predicted $280,000 but did not have Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) information.


Sen. Beyer

Points out that it is in the Governor’s budget, and is already done.


Dr. Higginson

Offers to return additional information to the committee.


Rev. Paul Robinson

Clergy for Responsible Sexual Choices.  Testifies in opposition to HB 2547A.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT K).  Discusses different choices available to patients.  Asserts it is not for the state to decide how the patient should choose.



Gayle Atteberry

Oregon Right to Life.  Testifies in support of HB 2547A.  Submits written information (EXHIBIT L).  Asserts that women are not receiving adequate information about the procedures and choices available.  Discusses excerpts from Supreme Court case about how a state may regulate the process.


Sen. Beyer

Asks about the yellow pages ads offering different services for pregnancies at different stages.



Responds it depends upon the clinic, and is not restricted by Oregon law in any way.

The following prepared testimony is submitted for the record without public testimony for HB 2547A:


Rep. Donna Nelson

District 29.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT M).


Marcia Kelley

Oregon Women’s Rights Coalition.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT N).


Betty McChesney-Haus

American Association of University Women of Oregon.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT O).


Margaret Noel

League of Women’s Voters.  Submits written testimony (EXHIBIT P).


Vice-chair Atkinson

Closes public hearing on HB 2547A.  Adjourns the committee at 4:25 p.m.




A – HB 2547A, written testimony, Rep. Betsy Close, 3 pp

B – HB 2547A, written testimony, Rep. Mary Nolan, 1 p

C – HB 2547A, written testimony, DebraLee Wyant, 4 pp

D – HB 2547A, written testimony, Paula Lang, 3 pp

E – HB 2547A, written testimony, Esther Ripplinger, 1 p

F – HB 2547A, written testimony, Dr. James Mahoney, 2 pp

G – HB 2547A, written testimony, Julie Powers, 2 pp

H – HB 2547A, written testimony, Caroline Fitchett, 3 pp

I – HB 2547A, written testimony, Dr. Grant Higginson, 2 pp

J – HB 2547A, fiscal impact statement (3-21-03), staff, 3 pp

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L – HB 2547A, written material, Gayle Atteberry, 5 pp

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