May 12, 2005 Hearing Room E

1:00 P.M.           Tape 55


MEMBERS PRESENT:            Rep. Derrick Kitts, Chair

Rep. Paul Holvey, Vice-Chair

Rep. Kim Thatcher, Vice-Chair

Rep. Billy Dalto

Rep. Debi Farr

Rep. Mitch Greenlick

Rep. Steve March


STAFF PRESENT:                  Cletus Moore, Committee Administrator

Annetta Mullins, Committee Assistant



SB 197 – Public Hearing and Work Session



These minutes are in compliance with Senate and House Rules.  Only text enclosed in quotation marks reports a speaker’s exact words.  For complete contents, please refer to the tapes.





TAPE 55, A


Chair Kitts

Calls the meeting to order at 1:09 p.m. and opens a public hearing on SB 197.



Cletus Moore

Committee Administrator.  Reads summary of SB 197.


Sen. Vicki Walker

SD 7.  Testifies in support of SB 197.  Explains this is her third time to introduce this bill.  Explains that in the 2001 election she was in the election with a write-in candidate.  The write-in candidate did not accept the nomination for some time after the election because he did not have to.  The law was blank with respect to that.   States she asked Legislative Counsel to write her a letter explaining the blanks in the law.  The law did not specify a deadline for accepting the nomination.  States she asked Legislative Counsel to draft a bill to correct the problem.  Explains that the bill died in the 2001 session at the request of the Republican Party of Lane County. 


Rep. Dalto

Asks what problem the bill is addressing.


Sen. Walker

Explains there was no requirement that the write-in candidate file a statement of acceptance and the candidate was not required to file a statement of economic interest with the Government Standards and Practices Commission.  The law currently is silent in those two areas. This bill would apply to anyone who is a write-in candidate.  State that the county elections offices like the bill because they have a number of write-in candidates at the local level.  The county clerks were having a problem because the people would not accept nomination right away. 


Rep. Dalto

Comments he was clear about the problem the bill would resolve but was not clear why it was a problem to Sen. Walker that someone was delaying accepting.   Asks if Sen. Walker wants to see the statement of economic interest of the person after the fact, after the person is elected.  States that candidates are required to file in March so all candidates for their first time out will always be filing a statement during their candidacy.


Sen. Walker

Responds she felt it was important to know who her opponent was and felt it was important for the people of her district to know that there was someone else in the race.  States the candidate did file a statement because she challenged him to do so.


Rep. Farr

Asks if the language on page 1, in Section 1(2) (a), (b) and (c) are in accordance with the statute as it currently reads for all candidates.


Sen. Walker

Responds those are the dates the county elections offices said would work best for them, and it is based on the opinion of Legislative Counsel that would work best for the county elections and state elections offices.  Adds that the Legislative Counsel letter says that the statement of economic interest should be filed within 30 days after the filing date for the general election. 


Rep. Greenlick

Asks where the language on statement of economic interest is in the bill.


Sen. Walker

Responds it is on page 5, lines 21 – 25.


Chair Kitts

Closes the public hearing and opens a work session on SB 197.



Rep. Greenlick

MOTION:  Moves SB 197 to the floor with a DO PASS recommendation.



VOTE:  7-0-0

AYE:            In a roll call vote, all members present vote Aye.


Chair Kitts

The motion CARRIES.

REP. DALTO will lead discussion on the floor.


Chair Kitts

Closes the work session on SB 197 and adjourns the meeting at 1:22 p.m.