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MARCH 11, 2005   1:00 PM   DEPT. OF REVENUE


Members:                                Rep. Tom Butler, Chair

                                                Rep. Vicki Berger, Vice-Chair

                                                Rep. Brian Boquist             

                                                Rep. Larry Galizio

                                                Rep. Betty Komp

                                                Rep. Andy Olson

                                                Rep. Chuck Riley                                        



Members Excused:                     Rep. Mark Hass, Vice-Chair

                                                Rep. Sal Esquivel



Staff Present:                          Lizbeth Martin-Mahar, Economist

                                                Kristi Bowman, Committee Assistant






House Revenue Committee members and staff met at the Dept. of Revenue (DOR) in Salem, OR. Elizabeth Harchenko, Director of the DOR, welcomed the members and introduced her staff members. Larry Gasperini, Manager of the Processing Center, gave a high-level overview of tax return and payment processing. As of 03/11/05, 385,254 electronic returns had been processed, a significant increase over previous years. He escorted the committee members to the processing and banking areas where the members were shown the work processes involved in both operations. The members then toured the Cartography unit where Brett Juul made a presentation of the map project currently underway that will digitize all pertinent maps for all 36 Oregon counties into one database. This project is scheduled to be completed by October, 2008.  




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Kristi Bowman, Committee Assistant

Kim Taylor James, Committee Coordinator






Exhibit Summary:

  1. 1.      Handout: Information Processing Center Pipeline, Juul, 1 pg., 03/11/05