Oregon Legislative Records Guide


The Oregon State Capitol Building, 1873 to 1935 (Courtesy of Legislative Library, Cecil L. Edwards records)

Legislative Committee Records Inventory

1925-27 Interim through 1951 Regular Session

1951-53 Interim through 1967 Special Session

1967-69 Interim through 1979-81 Interim

1981 Regular Session through 1983-85 Interim

1985 Regular Session through 1995 Regular Session

1995 First Special through 1997 Regular Session

1997-99 Interim through 1999 Regular Session

1999-01 Interim through 2001 Regular Session

2001-03 Interim through 2003 Regular Session

2003-05 Interim through 2005 Regular Session

2005-07 Interim through 2007 Regular Session

2007-09 Interim through 2009 Regular Session

2009-11 Interim through 2011 Regular Session

2011-2012 Interim through 2013 Regular Session

Early legislative records in the Oregon State Archives begin with the 1843 Legislative Committee which drafted the Organic Laws and created Oregon's Provisional government. Check
Legislative Research in the Oregon State Archives and on this Web Site for resources (Oregon statutes, laws, and journals) available for research prior to the keeping of legislative committee records (e.g. minutes, exhibits) which are the primary source for finding legislative history.

In the late 1920s the Oregon Legislative Assembly began keeping committee minutes and exhibits. The Archives has minutes and exhibits of the interim Workmen's Compensation Committee for 1926-27. These records do not become continuous until 1961 when the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed law (ORS 171.420) requiring the deposit of legislative records with the State Archivist.

Following is the inventory of regular, special, and interim legislative records in the Oregon State Archives. Statutory committee records are listed with the interim records except for the Emergency Board records (see Oregon Legislative Assembly Series Descriptions).

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