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These are all of our tracings from 1983 to the present. A small number of older tracings are also included.

What are legislative tracings?

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Ordering records listed in tracings
Contact the Reference Desk staff at the Oregon State Archives to obtain copies of records listed in the legislative bill tracings.


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To search the E-files Document Center for legislative bill tracings:

1. Enter your search term into the “Equal To:” search field below. Please leave the other search fields blank. You can search by the year, the bill number or both. Example: 1983 SB 403.

2. Now press the enter key on your keyboard or click the “Search” button on the webpage to initiate the search.

3. Click the magnifying glass icon that appears to the left of the legislative bill tracing title to download or open a PDF of that tracing.


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To do an advanced search by topic or subject:

1. Click on the “Search for:” field on the left side of the webpage below and select “Notes Word.”

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