Legislative Bill Tracings


Using Measure Histories

If a tracing has not been compiled, researchers can still examine the legislative committee minutes by using the bill's measure history from the Oregon State Legislature's Web site. The measure histories provide a chronological summary of activity relating to the bill as it went through the legislative process.

Research measure histories at the Legislature's Bills and Laws Web page. First select the session of interest and then select the bill number from the measure histories.

When examining the bill's measure history, pay special attention to the following elements:

1. The committees that dealt with the bill; and

2. The specific dates on which the measure history indicates public hearings and work sessions were held on your bill.

With this information researchers can examine the legislative committee minutes on this Web site for the pertinent committees and specific dates indicated on the measure history.

Note: In most cases there will be a large number of measure histories in bill number order on the same Web page. You may find it convenient to copy and paste your specific bill's measure history into a text document before returning to the legislative minutes section of this Web site.

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