Legislative Bill Tracings

About the Legislative Tracings

Legislative tracings are produced by the State Archives reference staff when a researcher requests that legislative material be sent to them. The tracings show the committees the bill passed through; the dates and page numbers in the minutes that the bill was discussed; either a listing or summary of the exhibits submitted in the committees during discussion of the bill; and a listing of the corresponding audio tapes, which constitute the verbatim record of discussion.

The researcher will find these documents to be a useful tool for pinpointing the committees and dates for a specific bill in the electronic version of the Legislative committee minutes. It can also be useful when ordering copies of exhibits and/or audio tapes from the State Archives.

Note: not all bills from the regular sessions are represented in these tracings, but rather only those bills for which the reference staff has compiled a tracing. These files will be periodically updated to include more recent tracings.

If a bill has not been traced, researchers can request a tracing by a reference archivist. Research time will be billed (see fees). While bills vary greatly in size and complexity, the typical bill tracing takes about one hour to compile.

If the bill has not been traced, researchers can also refer to measure histories to determine the appropriate committees and dates in the legislative minutes (1995-present).

The State Archives also has tracings for bills from the 1989 and prior sessions. For information contact the reference staff.

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