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The results of the inventory for each county are grouped alphabetically by category of record. Because the organization of offices and their functions, the contents of records, or the format of records may vary from county to county, notes have been included, where necessary, to point out these differences.

The individual records descriptions are arranged first by a building such as the State Archives, county office building, or other repository, and then by a specific office, storage location, or vault within the building. The location of the records listed is at the time of the inventory. For access to particular records, the researcher is always advised to check with the appropriate office.

The records are listed alphabetically by the exact title that is printed on the volume cover, box label, or file drawer. Where this information is inaccurate, illegible, or missing entirely, suitable functional titles are provided within brackets [ ]. In some cases, no title is visible on the outside of the volume, box, or file drawer but exists inside. In these cases the inside title is provided within brackets.

Special notes related to a listing are also included in brackets. These typically note the existence of an index as part of a volume or include useful functional information about the records. These notes can also supply further location clues for records that are especially difficult to find (e.g., in beige cabinet).

The record title is followed by file, case, or volume numbers (if available) and specific dates. The size or amount of records is listed last within parentheses. Records stored in boxes or file cabinets are measured in cubic feet; books or volumes and reels of microfilm are counted; sheets of microfiche usually are measured in linear inches or feet; maps, drawings, and photographs may be either counted or measured in cubic feet.

In situations in which exact dates or size of the records cannot be ascertained reasonably, circa dates or amounts are provided. These are designated by “ca.” preceding the dates or amount.

Delta See diagramed record series example

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