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Series documents the recording of births by the county. Records include certificates, affidavits for correction, registers, delayed entry for births and corrected entries. Information includes registration number; child's name, sex, legitimacy, birth date, and birthplace; name, residence, color, age, birthplace, and occupation of father and mother; number of other children born to mother; signature of physician or midwife; filing date; and registrar's signature. Birth records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register births. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar, Vital Statistics Section of the Health Division. Birth records have been inventoried through 1920. For information concerning more recent records, contact the State Registrar. Also see Delayed Birth Records series for related records. Access to birth records is restricted for 100 years following the date of birth by Oregon Administrative Rule 333-011-0096.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Journal [Corrections to Birth Records-includes only nine births from before 1903], 1871-1940 (1 volume);
Record of Births, 1905-1910, vol. 1, (1 volume);
Record of Births [Alphabetical], 1910-1915, vol. 1, (1 volume);
Record of Births and Deaths, 1916-1929 (1 volume);
Record of Births and Deaths [includes births from 1920 to 1924 and deaths from 1921 to 1925], 1920-1925 (1 volume);
Record of Births and Deaths [Oregon Health Division], 1915-1920 (1 volume);
Record of Births and Deaths [Oregon Health Division-includes deaths from 1916 to 1926], 1913-1929 (1 volume);
Record of Births [Oregon Health Division], 1910-1915 (1 volume).


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