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County Commissioners Administrative Journals


Series documents all administrative actions of the board of county commissioners and the county court. In most counties, the board of county commissioners has assumed the administrative duties and responsibilities of the county court. Administrative actions include levying taxes; budgeting; approving appropriations; appointing county officials; approving officials bonds and annual reports; receiving petitions and remonstrances concerning county roads; defining and establishing county roads; calling bond elections for the construction of county buildings; compiling jury lists and conducting hearings; approving salaries and expenses of county officials; confirming elections; and issuing licenses for such things as liquor, ferries, warehouses, and groceries. The series may be referred to as the County Court Administrative Journal, Commissioner's Minutes, County Court Docket, or Board of Commissioners Meeting Records.

Records at the Baker County Courthouse, Clerk's Upper Vault:
Baker County Court Minutes [title varies], 1975-1999 (26 volumes);
Commissioners Court Docket [with index], vol. 1, 1904-1909 (1 volume);
Commissioners Journal [vol. F with index], vol. F-G, 1902-1913 (2 volumes); vol. I-N, 1922-1964 (6 volumes);
County Court Index Direct [Journal-indexes administrative and judicial actions], 1873-1891 (1 volume);
County Court Journal, 1885-1889 (1 volume); vol. C-E, 1889-1902 (3 volumes);
County Court Record Commissioners, 1864-1866 (1 volume);
County Court Records [Commissioners Journal Transcription from 1862 to 1864], 1940 (1 volume);
Court [Commissioners Records-includes minutes, orders, and signed documents], 1991-2000 (3 inches of microfilm jackets);
Court Indirect Index [County Commission], 1992-2007 (1 volume of computer printouts);
Court Work [Commissioners Records-includes minutes, orders, and signed documents], 1996-present (13 cu.ft.);
Index to Commissioners Records [indexes county court administrative, judicial, probate, and insane commitment actions], vol. A, 1862-1941 (1 volume);
Misc Historical Documents [County Court Record-Administrative], 1862-1864 (1 volume);
Record of Commissioners Minutes [documents the creation of Malheur County], 1887 (1 volume).

Records at the Baker County Courthouse, Clerk's Lower Vault, Front Room:
[Baker County Court Minutes-Administrative], 1967-1975 (1 volume).

Records at the Baker County Web Site:
Baker County Commissioners Minutes, 2009-2011 (Internet).


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