Oregon Historical County Records Guide

Benton County Records Inventory

Census Records


Series documents the population, property, and agricultural production of the county. Records may include census rolls and abstracts, farm schedules, abstract of assessment and census, enumeration of inhabitants and industrial products, and enumeration of inhabitants and military enrollment. Information includes number of males and females per age category; head of household; name, age, and gender of household members; occupation and relationship of household members to head of household; and description and value of real and personal property. Information may also include nationality, physical description, birthplace, health, and religion of household members and agricultural production statistics.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Census Rolls and Abstracts, 1856-1858 (3 volumes).

Records at the Oregon Historical Society:
Mss. 1 [Enumeration of Inhabitants of Benton County], 1854 (.05 cu.ft.).

Records at Related Web Sites:
Federal Census Transcriptions [Benton County-scroll], 1860 (US GenWeb Project via censusfinder.com);
Federal Census Transcriptions [Benton County-scroll],1870 (Maracon Productions via censusfinder.com).

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