Oregon Historical County Records Guide

Columbia County Records Inventory

Election Voting Abstracts


Series documents the tabulation and reporting of election results for the county. Records include voting abstracts and the record of election. Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. Election voting abstracts have been inventoried through 1960. For information on more recent records, contact the Secretary of State, Elections Division, the county clerk, or the local elections official.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
[Abstract of Votes], 1854-1888 (1 reel of microfilm);
Poll Books [Election Precinct-includes loose voting tally sheets and summaries], 1854-1887 (2 reels of microfilm); 1869-1884 (.55 cu.ft.); 1887 (.20 cu.ft.).

Records at the Columbia County Courthouse, Museum Library:
Tally Sheet [Election Record], 1890 (.05 cu.ft.).

Records at the Columbia County Courthouse Annex, Vault:
[Abstract of Votes], 1854-1888 (1 reel of microfilm);
Record of Elections [no volume number ], 1910-1927 (2 volumes);
Record of Elections, vol. 1, 1894-1908 (1 volume); vol. 2-4, 1928-1964 (3 volumes).

State Archives • 800 Summer St. NE • Salem, OR 97310