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Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings


Series documents the recording of a variety of legal documents filed in the clerk's or recorder's office. These documents were not required to be filed with the clerk and often included filings such as birth and marriage certificates of individuals who were born or married outside of the county but wanted the document to be filed in their county of residence. Other documents include wills, obligation bonds, quit claims, deeds, conveyances, mortgage satisfactions, agreements, charters, partnership dissolutions, contracts, powers of attorney, liens, leases, marriage licenses, military discharges, ministerial certificates, medical personnel licenses, birth and death certificates, and affidavits of publication. Information includes dates filed, name of individual filing, type of action, and volume and page number where recorded. Series may also include alphabetical indexes of individuals filing a recording. Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings have been inventoried through 1965.

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Clerk's Office:
[Coos County Bar Association Records], 1908-1955 (1 volume);
[Miscellaneous Records-with index], vol. 5-8, 1951-1955 (2 reels of microfilm);
Miscellaneous Record [with index], vol. 2-9, 1892-1965 (8 volumes);
Record [Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union-title varies], 1935-1938 (3 volumes).


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