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Series documents the development and revision of a plan for the use of lands within the county. Series includes plans for transportation, energy, housing, population and economics, public facilities and services, urbanization, natural resources, greenways, recreation, agricultural and forest lands, land capability, resource quality, floodplains, landmarks, historic property, rural community center designation, and natural areas. Each plan includes background information about the subject; supporting documentation such as maps, charts, and diagrams; and a narrative description of each aspect of the plan and how it is to be implemented. Series may also include an overall "comprehensive plan" which contains both historical and current looks at county land practices and defines goals and policies adhered to during the creation and implementation of the plan.

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Clerk's Office:
Coos County Comprehensive Plan [Ordinance], 1987 (.45 cu.ft.);
Ordinance [County-includes comprehensive plan information-with index], no. 1-66, ca.1960-present (5 cu.ft.).

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Clerk's Downstairs Archives:
Comp Plan Maps [Draft County Comprehensive Land Use Plan-rolled], 1980-1983 (ca.30 maps);
Comprehensive Land Use [Planning Documents-includes versions of the county comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, land development ordinance, and related documents-File No. 802-boxes 13 to 15], 1982-2001 (6 cu.ft.).

Records at the Coos County Courthouse Annex (Owen Building), Planning Department Office:
Administrative Record for Adoption of Amendments to the Coos County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning & Land Development Ordinance, 1985 (1 binder);
Board of Commissioners Hearings on Comprehensive Plan, 1981 (1 binder);
[Comprehensive Plan Development and Reference Maps-includes bird sites, watersheds, dam sites, beaches and dunes, natural hazards, big game, wetlands, mixed use, 100-year floodplain, minerals, and others-with index-18 drawers], ca.1980-ca.2002 (ca.2500 maps);
Comprehensive Plan Draft Notebook, 1979-1980 (1 binder);
Comprehensive Plan Record of Adoption, no. 1-3, 1984 (3 binders); no. 1-3, 1985 (3 binders);
Coos County Comprehensive Plan Background Document No. 1, 1977-1978 (1 volume);
Coos County Comprehensive Plan [Codified], vol. I-III, 2003 (3 binders);
Coos County Comprehensive Plan Statewide Goal Exceptions, 1985 (2 binders);
Interim Ordinance Background [Records-Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance], 1974-1978 (8 binders);
Periodic Review [Comprehensive Plan Review Records], 1994-2001 (13 binders);
Regional Citizen Advisory Committee Minutes Comprehensive Plan of Coos County, 1975-1977 (1 binder);
Regional Planning Groups Minutes [Comprehensive Plan Development], 1980 (1 binder).

Records at the Coos County Courthouse Annex (Owen Building), Planning Department Director's Office:
Coos County Comprehensive Plan [includes inventories, exceptions, and related documents], ca.1978-n.d. (10 binders).

Records at the Coos County Web Site:
Coos County Comprehensive Plan, vol. 1-3, n.d.-present (Internet).


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