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Series documents surveys of county land by the county or licensed professional surveyors. Records include log books, field notes, and plats. An index may also be included. Information includes survey dates; who the survey was for; donation land claims; township, range, section, and survey numbers; a history of previous surveys made for the area; descriptions of land, vegetation, and soil; landmarks; metes and bounds of tracts surveyed; and surveyor's names. Plats also include corner restoration marks, scales, dates created and filed, and donation land claim owners.

The Survey Research System is a searchable database that includes survey plats and field notes, road survey, corner surveys, subdivision and partition plats, and related information. The system is available on a public access computer in the surveyor's office.

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Surveyor's Office:
Bessee [Survey Field Books], vol. 1-28, 1926-ca.1936 (28 volumes);
Bessee [Survey Field Books-with index], vol. A-Z, 1A-1V, 1936-1950 (48 volumes);
BLM Fiche Notes [Bureau of Land Management Survey Microfiche], ca.1857-ca.1998 (6 inches of microfiche);
Bonneville Powerline Surveys [Maps], ca.1946-ca.1975 (1 volume);
Buckingham and Gettins [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-in wooden box-with index], 1906-1918 (.50 cu.ft.);
Buckingham [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1916-1949 (81 volumes);
Buckingham Gettins Microfilm Reels [Survey Field Boos-includes Seelander and Gould], ca.1908-ca.1924 (13 reels of microfilm);
Cathcart [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1873-1923 (72 volumes);
Certified Copies of U.S. Field Notes [General Land Office], ca.1853-n.d. (4 volumes);
Coast Mer. [Meridian-Survey Notes], ca.1857 (1 volume);
G-101 Donation Land Claims [Survey Notes-with index], 1858-1871 (1 volume);
E.L. Robinson [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1904-1917 (6 volumes);
[Filed Surveys-Originals-some survey plat formats are stored in the surveyor's old drafting office], 1912-present (ca.14000 plats);
[Filed Surveys-Public Research Copies], 1912-present (ca.14000 plats);
Flanagan's Maps and Notes [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1957-1976 (8 volumes);
Gould [Coos County Surveyor Field Books], 1908-1953 (82 volumes);
Index Book [Survey-by township and range], vol. 1-3, n.d. (3 volumes);
Index to Surveyor Record [Section Corners, Quarters, and Sixteenths], vol. 1-3, 1873-present (3 volumes);
J.B. Gearhart [Coos County Surveyor Field Notes-with index], 1950-1988 (29 volumes);
J.N. Gearhart [Coos County Surveyor Field Notes-with index], 1916-1964 (90 volumes);
Original Government Surveys, ca.1857-present (2 volumes);
[Plat Index to Surveyor's Record], ca.1857-present (1 volume);
[Private and Public Survey Notes], vol. A-J, 1873-1928 (9 volumes); vol. X, 1860-1862 (1 volume);
R.L. Cavanaugh [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1910-1951 (5 volumes);
Seelander [Coos County Surveyor Field Books], 1922-1924 (2 volumes);
Stephens [Coos County Surveyor Field Books-with index], 1947-1980 (1.25 cu.ft.);
[Survey Visual Map Index-references index books-includes corner and meander information], n.d. (1 volume);
Townships [Filed Survey Card Index], 1912-n.d. (.25 cu.ft.);
[U.S. Government Surveys-General Land Office/Bureau of Land Management-includes donation land claim information], ca.1857-2001 (66 volumes).

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Surveyor's Drafting Office, Room 211:
Copy U.S. Field Notes [includes donation land claim information-title varies], ca.1857-n.d. (34 volumes);
[County Surveyor Field Books-includes corner survey notes], 1967-present (96 binders);
Index Field Books and Table of Contents [to survey, corner remonumentation, and road survey field books], ca.1918-2015 (1 binder);
Seelander Maps, ca.1922-n.d. (ca.250 maps).

Records at the Coos County Courthouse, Surveyor's Office Storeroom 209:
Buckingham Robinson Cathcart Gearhart [Survey Maps], n.d. (4 inches of aperture cards);
[Filed Surveys], 1912-2001 (10 feet of aperture cards);
Seelander [Survey Maps], n.d. (2 inches of aperture cards).

Records at the Related Web Site:
Online Land Records [includes various federal land survey records related to Oregon such as survey plats and field notes, mineral surveys, and historical indices], ca.1850-present (Bureau of Land Management).


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