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Road and Bridge Records


Series documents the development, construction, maintenance, and improvement of county roads and bridges. Records include bonds, general road and highway maps, petitions to have roads constructed or altered, notices, complaints, vacation records, and correspondence. Information includes road numbers and names and descriptions of the activity occurring on the road. Information concerning county roads may be available on the Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) at the county road office. Technical road survey maps may be found in the series titled Road Maps and Survey Notes.

The searchable Map Research GIS tool includes layers related to livestock, wildlife, railroads, roads, sewer and water lines, elevations, federal land, school boundaries, fire and parks districts, subdivisions, precincts, zoning, urban growth boundary, rivers, lakes, flood plains, and other features. Many of the maps listed below that were created from 2002 to the present are available for purchase from the Crook County GIS Department.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
Road Supervisors Reports, 1909-1915 (.20 cu.ft.).

Records at the Crook County Courthouse, Clerk's Vault:
CC Roads [Maps-includes market roads, general highway maps, and road vacation information], 1916-1990 (ca.50 maps);
Central Oregon Transportation Study [includes maps], 1972 (1 volume);
County Roads [Case Files-includes surveys, field notes, petitions, and vacations], ca.1899-ca.2004 (3 cu.ft.);
County Roads Petitions Etc.[Case Files-includes surveys, field notes, petitions, and reports-boxed], 1883-1964 (.75 cu.ft.);
General Highway Map Crook County, 1971 (1 map);
Index to Files [indexes circuit court, county court, probate, and road case files], vol. 1, ca.1882-ca.1921 (1 volume);
Maps Blueprints [Miscellaneous-includes road, road right of way, high school, subdivision, and flood control], 1938-1958 (ca.75 maps and drawings);
Old Bridges Blueprints, Specifications, Etc. [boxed], ca.1904-ca.1930 (1.25 cu.ft.);
O'Neil Bridge [Plans], 1918 (2 drawings);
Record of Roads [includes petitions, viewers reports, bonds, road survey field notes, road survey maps, and related records-with index], vol. 1-4, 1883-1931 (4 volumes);
Road Index Map Crook County, 1989 (1 map);
Specifications & Blueprints for Steel Bridges, 1912 (6 drawings);
State Highway Department Information [includes surveys, plans, specifications, contracts, and related records], 1921-1960 (.80 cu.ft.).

Records at the Crook County Courthouse, Clerk's Office:
City of Prineville Subdivision and Road Map [Wall Map], ca.2005 (1 map);
Crook County Subdivision and Road Map [Wall Map], ca.2005 (1 map).

Records at the Crook County Courthouse, Planning Department Office:
Snow Districts & Sanding Hotspots [Road Wall Map], 2003 (1 map).

Records at the Crook County Courthouse, Planning Department Director's Office:
Roads [Miscellaneous Road Records-includes vacation information], ca.1982-present (2 cu.ft.).

Records at the Chukar Point Building, Crook County Surveyor's Office:
[Highway and Road Maps], ca.1923-2003 (ca.35 maps);
[State Highway Strip Maps-rolled], ca.1924-1976 (36 maps).

Records at the Chukar Point Building, Crook County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office:
Crook County Road Atlas, 2006 (1 volume).

Records at the Crook County Road Department Yard, Records Storage Unit 4:
Record of Roads [includes some road viewers reports in front sleeve], vol. 4, 1928-1930 (1 volume);
[Road Supervisors' Reports-interfiled with related records], ca.1895-1912 (.60 cu.ft.);
Road Supr. Reports, ca.1894-ca.1900 (.05 cu.ft.);
Road Supr. [Supervisor's Reports], 1899 (.10 cu.ft.).

Records at the A.R. Bowman Museum:
[Miscellaneous Maps and Plans-includes subdivision, vicinity, irrigation, forest, flood control, grazing, mining, Metsker's maps, roads, highways, etc.], ca.1869-1997 (ca.500 maps and drawings).


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