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Crook County Records Inventory

Road Maps and Survey Notes


Series documents the surveying and mapping of county roads. Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. Information includes legal descriptions of the roads; road names and numbers; plans and profiles; township, range, and section numbers; dates of activity; and scales. General road maps may be found in the series titled Road and Bridge Records.

Records at the Crook County Courthouse, Clerk's Vault:
County Roads [Case Files-includes surveys, field notes, petitions, and vacations], ca.1899-ca.2004 (3 cu.ft.);
County Roads Petitions Etc. [Case Files-includes surveys, field notes, petitions, and reports-boxed], 1883-1964 (.75 cu.ft.);
Land Partitions and Road Surveys [Index], ca.1978-ca.1994 (1 binder);
Land Partitions Road Surveys Boundary Line Adjustments [Index], 1997-2000 (1 binder);
Map Recordings Partition Plats Boundary Line Adjustments Road Surveys [Index], 2001-present (2 binders);
Plat Cabinet [includes subdivision and partition plats, as well as road and boundary line adjustment surveys-with index], 1881-present (ca.3000 plats);
Record of Roads [includes petitions, viewers reports, bonds, road survey field notes, road survey maps, and related records-with index], vol. 1-4, 1883-1931 (4 volumes);
State Highway Department Information [includes surveys, plans, specifications, contracts, and related records], 1921-1960 (.80 cu.ft.).

Records at the Chukar Point Building, Crook County Surveyor's Office:
[State Highway Strip Maps-rolled], ca.1924-1976 (36 maps).


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