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Series records the actions taken by the county's probate court. Information includes case numbers, estate or deceased's name, administrator's or executor's name, dates and types of papers filed, and memoranda and court orders listed by dates of appointment of administrator or executor. Series may also be referred to as probate journals, dockets, or records of actions. Over the years probate jurisdiction has been transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. In 1986 circuit courts with probate jurisdiction began recording basic case information on the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN). This network functionally replaced probate dockets and journals previously maintained by the courts. The transition to full use of OJIN by all circuit courts in Oregon took approximately two years. Contact the trial court administrator for access to OJIN. Portions of these records may be restricted.

Douglas County joined the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN) in 1987.

Records at the Douglas County Courthouse, Clerk's Archives:
Cases in Probate [Register and Fee Book], vol. 1, 1888-1898 (1 volume);
[Circuit Court Judgment Book-includes County Court Docket and Probate Docket-Umpqua and Douglas Counties], 1856-1874 (1 volume);
Index to Record Probate Court, 1883-1890 (1 volume);
[Journal of Probate Court-Umpqua County-with index], 1859-1863 (1 volume);
Probate Book [Journal-includes insane commitments-with index], vol. 1.5, 1859-1873 (1 volume);
Probate Books [Journal-title varies], 1853-1966 (51 reels of microfilm);
Probate Books [Probate Ledger-Register and Docket], no. 497-10428, 1904-1973 (8 reels of microfilm);
Probate Index [Circuit Court Probate Index], vol. 1-2, 1859-1980 (2 reels of microfilm);
Probate Index [indexes vol. 1-16 of probate journal], vol. 1, 1853-ca.1916 (1 volume);
Probate Index [Probate Court Index], 1961-1988 (1 reel of microfilm);
Probate Journal, vol. 15-39, 1912-1954 (25 volumes);
Probate [Journal], vol. 40-82, 1954-1973 (46 reels of microfilm);
Probate Journal [with index], vol. 1, 1853-1859 (1 volume);
Probate Order Book, vol. 2, 2.5, 3-7, 1873-1893 (7 volumes);
Probate Records [title varies], vol. 8-14, 1893-1912 (7 volumes).

Records at the Douglas County Justice Building, 3rd Floor Trial Court Records Room:
[Probate Ledger-Register and Docket], no. 497-9093, 1904-1968 (7 reels of microfilm);
Probate Misc. [Circuit Court Probate Index], vol. 1-2, 1859-1961 (2 reels of microfilm);
Probate Misc. [Probate Journal-with index], vol. 1, 1853-1873 (1 reel of microfilm);
Probate Misc. [Probate Ledger-Register and Docket], no. 9094-10428, 1968-1973 (1 reel of microfilm);
Probate Misc. [Probate Order Book-Journal], vol. 2-12, 1873-1905 (5 reels of microfilm);
Probate Misc. [Probate Record Book-Journal-title varies], vol. 13-79, 1905-1972 (60 reels of microfilm).


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