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County Court Judicial Journals


Series records the proceedings of the county court for civil and some criminal cases. Information includes judge, plaintiff, defendant, and attorney names; trial date; memorandum of subsequent proceedings; and fees charged. Cases include citizenship petitions, legal changes to name, commitments, and writs of habeas corpus. Portions of these records may be restricted.

Records at the Gilliam County Courthouse, Lower Vault:
[County Court Administrative and Judicial Register and Journal-includes probate cases], 1885 (1 volume);
County Court Docket [Judicial], vol. 2, 1905-1928 (1 volume);
County Court Journal [Judicial-with index], vol. A, 1885-1908 (1 volume);
[County Court Judicial Docket], 1885-1887 (1 volume);
County Court Law Docket, 1887-1904 (1 volume);
[County Court Probate and Law Journal-includes mental commitment information], 1885 (1 volume).


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