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Animal Bounty Records


Series documents the payment of county and state bounty money to individuals who presented the scalps and other prescribed body parts of targeted predatory animals. The program was intended to control the threat to livestock. Examples of targeted animals include coyote, cougar, mountain lion, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and wolf. Records include registers, affidavits, certificates, and statements. Information includes claimant and affiant names; kind of animal; number of scalps; date killed or presented; and number, amount, and date of warrant. The records are also referred to as scalp bounty records.

Records at the Grant County Courthouse, Basement Vault:
Bounty [Animal Scalp Affidavits], 1895 (.05 cu.ft.);
Bounty Report [Animal Scalp], 1897, 1947 (.20 cu.ft.);
Exhibit of Bounty Fund Warrants [Animal Scalp], vol. 1, 1944-1948 (1 volume);
Index [actually Scalp Bounty Register], 1899 (1 volume);
Register of Scalp Bounty Claims, vol. 1, 1899-1902 (1 volume);
Transcript New [County Clerk's Coyote Bounty Report-trifolded], 1943-1945 (.30 cu.ft.).

Records at the Grant County Historical Society Museum:
Old Claims [Clerk's Report of Coyote Bounty-trifolded], 1945-1946 (.10 cu.ft.);
Old Claims [General Fund Scalp Bounty Claim Record-trifolded], 1920 (.10 cu.ft.).


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