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Pension and Relief Records


Series documents financial assistance approved by the county court for widows, mothers, dependent children, orphans, the elderly, and indigents. Information includes applicant name and address, children's names and birth dates, amount of pension or monthly support payment, and county court order. Because the provision of relief became primarily a state and federal function in the 1930s, records are inventoried through 1939.

Records at the Grant County Courthouse, Basement Vault:
County Clerk Permanent [Old Age Pension Records], 1933-1934 (.50 cu.ft.);
[Soldiers Exemption Oaths-Pension], 1931-1932 (1 binder).

Records at the Grant County Courthouse, Clerk's Office:
Old Age Pension [Register-includes application and account information-with index], vol. 1, 1934-1936 (1 volume);
Widow's Pension Accounts [Record], vol. 1, 1913-1935 (1 volume).

Records at the Grant County Courthouse, Clerk's Office, Side Room:
Bids for Care of Co. Paupers [County], 1876-1901 (1 binder);
County Poor Petitions [and Applications], 1865-1915 (2 binders).

Records at a Related Web Site:
Bids for Care of County Paupers, 1876-1901 (FamilySearch.org);
County Poor Petitions, 1865-1915 (FamilySearch.org);
Old Age Pension Register, vol. 1, 1934-1936 (FamilySearch.org);
Widows' Pension Accounts [Record], vol. 1, 1913-1935 (FamilySearch.org).


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