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County Budgets


Series documents the annual allotment of funds for county government operations as agreed to by the board of commissioners. Information includes total amount of funds budgeted for each office. Later budgets may include organizational charts and a narrative of each county office function.

Beginning in 1916 county budgets were recorded in the Commissioners Journal (County Commissioners Administrative Journals).

Records at the Hood River County Business Admin. (Dean) Bldg., Budget and Finance Dept. Office:
Hood River County Budget, 1999-present (19 binders).

Records at the Hood River County Business Admin. (Dean) Bldg., County Archives:
Audit & Budget [Records-includes county budgets], 1996-2007 (12 cu.ft.);
Budget Committee Minutes [Hood River County], 1965-1988 (1 cu.ft.);
Budget Docs & Worksheets [County Budget Documents], 1989-1997 (4 cu.ft.);
Budget Sheets [County], 1918-1938 (2 volumes);
County Budgets, 1933-1946, 1948-1973 (4 cu.ft.); 1992-1996 (1 cu.ft.); 1999-2005 (.75 cu.ft.);
[General Fund Budget-County], 1939-1964 (1 volume); 1966-1967 (1 volume);
Letters 1921 [includes county budget], 1920-1921 (.05 cu.ft.);
Miscellaneous Dept. [Records-includes county budget], 1915 (.05 cu.ft.).


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