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Road and Bridge Records


Series documents the development, construction, maintenance, and improvement of county roads and bridges. Records include bonds, general road and highway maps, petitions to have roads constructed or altered, notices, complaints, vacation records, and correspondence. Information includes road numbers and names and descriptions of the activity occurring on the road. Information concerning county roads may be available on the Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) at the county road office. Technical road survey maps may be found in the series titled Road Maps and Survey Notes.

Records are included from Wasco County documenting the governance of the Hood River County area prior to the creation of the county in 1908.

Records at the Hood River County Public Works Building, Surveyor's Storage Vault:
Bridge [Case Files], ca.1951-present (2.50 cu.ft.);
[County Road Case Files-includes road petitions, easements, correspondence, field notes and plats], ca.1903-present (15 cu.ft.);
[Miscellaneous Maps, Plans, and Drawings-includes parks, buildings, roads, bridges, quarries, special districts, quadrangle, vicinity, railroad, Bonneville Power Administration, utilities and others], ca.1925-present (ca.750 maps, plans, and drawings);
[Road and Bridge Construction Photograph Albums-red covers], ca.1964-ca.1977 (2 volumes).

Records at the Hood River County Business Admin. (Dean) Bldg., Records and Assessment Dept. Office:
[Rd. Vacations-Road Records], 1951-2005 (.15 cu.ft.).

Records at the Hood River County Business Admin. (Dean) Bldg., Planning Dept. Office, Reception Area:
Hood River County Street Atlas [Metsker's], 1931 (1 volume).

Records at the Hood River County Business Admin. (Dean) Bldg., County Archives:
Adjudication Survey Highway R/Ws Power Line R/Ws [Rights-of-Way-includes maps], vol. 6, 1908-1942 (1 volume);
Administration Roads [Case Files-includes petitions, orders, correspondence, reports, and maps], 1958-1995 (1 cu.ft.);
Letters Jan. 1929-Jan. 1930 [includes road map drawings], 1925 (3 drawings);
Letters County File Continued 1925 [includes road map drawings], 1925 (4 drawings);
Letters Loop Road Rights of Way [Mt. Hood], 1921-1924 (.20 cu.ft.);
Letters Mt. Hood Loop Highway Closed Cases [Right-of-Way], 1921-1924 (.20 cu.ft.);
Miscellaneous Dept. [Proposal for Constructing a Portion of the Columbia River Highway in Hood River County Oregon], 1914 (.20 cu.ft.);
Misc. [Road Vacation Case Files-Lenz Road], 1946-1947 (.05 cu.ft.);
Road & Bridge Files [includes correspondence, contracts, maps, agreements, and petitions], ca.1951-2000 (1.30 cu.ft.).


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