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County Commissioners Orders, Ordinances, and Resolutions


Series documents orders, ordinances, and resolutions passed by the board of county commissioners and the county court regulating and establishing guidelines for specific activities within the county. Information includes activity covered by order, ordinance, or resolution; administrative action number; who introduced; findings of fact; conclusions; recommendations; date heard; and hearings officer name and signature. Activities include noise abatement, nuisances, zoning, animal control, solid waste management, land division regulations, elections, comprehensive plan, and road and bridge use limits.

Orders, ordinances, and resolutions are recorded in the Commissioners' Journal (County Commissioners Administrative Journals). The Search Planning Documents option on the Jackson County Web site provides access to various comprehensive plan, zoning, land division, and other ordinance documents from circa 1959-present.

Records at the Jackson County Courthouse, County Commission/Administrator's Office Room 214:
BoC Orders Ordinances [Board of Commissioners], 2006-present (14 binders).

Records at the Jackson County Courthouse, County Commission/Administrator's Records Storage Room:
Ordinances [County], 1981-2000 (4 cu.ft.).

Records at the Jackson County Courthouse, Planning Division Office Room 106:
Land Development Ordinance [with amendments-includes subdivision and partition information-title varies], 1980-2005 (13 binders);
Land Use Maps [related to the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances-rolled], 1977 (3 cu.ft.);
OA [Ordinance Amendment Case Files-includes comprehensive plan, zoning, and land division information], 1992-1998 (10 cu.ft.);
Zoning Ordinance, 1973 (1 binder); 1980-1982 (1 binder).

Records at the Jackson County Roads and Parks Engineering and Administration Office:
Engineers Records [includes road vacation orders], no. 1-368, ca.1858-ca.2000 (7 cu.ft.);
[Individual Road Records-includes orders, resolutions, and petitions related to road establishment and vacation-also includes road survey information and maps], ca.1858-present (39 cu.ft.).

Records at the Access Contracted Records Storage Facility:
[Commissioners Journal-includes orders, ordinances, resolutions, and related records-from multiple accessions], 1985-2004 (ca.32 cu.ft.);
[Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendment Case Files-also includes land division and zoning ordinance amendments-multiple accessions], 1972-1990 (ca.16 cu.ft.);
[Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Records-includes background material, drafts, elements, studies, and related records such as the 1972 comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance-03A.15], ca.1958-ca.1992 (17 cu.ft.);
Orders [Commissioners'-includes journal information], 1859-1861 (1 volume).

Records at the Jackson County Library, Medford Branch:
Codified Ordinances of Jackson County, 1985-n.d. (1 volume);
Land Development Ordinance Jackson County, Oregon, 1980 (1 volume); 1980-1982 (1 volume); 1982-1984 (1 volume); 1989 (1 volume); 1989-1999 (1 volume); 2000 (1 volume); 2004 (1 volume);
Land Development Ordinance Jackson County, Oregon [Draft], 2003 (1 volume);
Subdivision Ordinance Jackson County, 1959-1972 (1 volume); 1959-1975 (1 volume);
Zoning Ordinance Jackson County, 1973 (1 volume); 1973-1978 (1 volume); 1980 (1 volume); 1980-1982 (1 volume).

Records at the Jackson County Web Site:
Codified Ordinances of Jackson County, [includes comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and land division information] n.d.-present (Internet);
Current Land Development Ordinance [Zoning], 2005-present (Internet);
Land Development Ordinance [Zoning-PDF], 1973 (Internet);
Land Development Ordinance [Zoning-PDF], 1982 (Internet);
Land Development Ordinance [Zoning-PDF], 1982-1989 (Internet);
Land Development Ordinance [Zoning-PDF], 2000 (Internet);
Land Development Ordinance [Zoning-PDF], 2004 (Internet);
Land Division Ordinance [PDF], 1980-1982 (Internet);
LDO Amendments [Land Development Ordinance-Zoning-PDF], 2004 (Internet);
Subdivision Ordinance [PDF], 1959-1972 (Internet);
Zoning Ordinance [PDF], 1980-1982 (Internet).


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