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Water Rights Records


Series documents the authorization by the state and local governments for the use of public waters. Series includes water rights, licenses, and certificates of water rights issued by the state and filed with the county. Records may include alphabetical indexes to the certificates, transcripts, statements, evidence, and other records specifically related to water rights cases heard by circuit and appellate courts. Information includes names of individuals proving water rights; locations of water rights including the township, range, and section number; descriptions of land under such rights; and limitations of appropriations of rights and use of rights (i.e., length of time, usage). Original water rights certificates are filed with the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Records at the Jefferson County Administration Building, Clerk's Private Office:
Certificates of Water Rights North Unit Irrigation District, 1982-1987 (.10 cu.ft.);
Deschutes River a Tributary of Columbia River Supplemental Findings of Fact and Order of Determination, 1953 (1 volume);
Deschutes River Basin Program [Records], 1967 (.05 cu.ft.);
Findings and Order of Determination [Deschutes River Water Rights Record], 1926 (1 volume);
In Re Trout Creek [Water Rights Court Record], vol. 1-2, 1917-1918 (2 volumes);
In the Matter of the Determination of the Relative Rights to the Use of the Waters of the Deschutes River Modified Findings and Decree [also includes maps], 1928 (.25 cu.ft.);
In the Matter of the Determination of the Relative Rights to the Waters of Cherry Creek, 1919-1922 (.25 cu.ft.);
John Day River and Its Tributaries Findings and Order of Determination, 1930 (1 volume);
Water Rights Trout Creek [Circuit Court Case No. 197], 1918-1972 (.20 cu.ft.).

Records at the Jefferson County Administration Building, Clerk's Record Room:
Index United States Irrigation Contracts, 1938-1953 (1 volume);
United States Irrigation Contracts and Excess Land Sales, vol. 1, 1938-1944 (1 volume);
United States Irrigation Contracts, vol. 2, 1946-1953 (1 volume);
Water Right Record [with index], vol. 1-2, 1915-1972 (2 volumes);
Water Rights [partial volume], vol. 3, 1973-1979 (.50 inch of aperture cards).

Records at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Basement Archives:
Old [Trout Creek and Tributaries-Water Rights Adjudication Survey Blueprint Maps], 1916 (ca.50 maps).

Records at the Jefferson County Public Works Department Office, Vault:
Misc. S.D. Percival [Map Showing Survey of Oregon Gold Prospecting and Promoting Company's Water Rights], 1908 (1 map);
Water Rights [Certificates], 1973-1979 (.50 inch of aperture cards);
[Water Rights Record], vol. 1-2, 1915-1972 (1 reel of microfilm).

Records at the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum:
Irrigation and Water Power-Warm Springs Reservation [Record-includes maps and photographs], 1912 (1 volume).


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