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Series reports the general and financial statistics of each school district located in the county. Information includes school district number and clerk's name; number of individuals within the district between ages four and twenty; number of teachers employed; number of school houses (owned by the district); number of legal voters; number of libraries and books within each; number of private schools; cash on hand at last report; district tax received from county; state schools funds received; general value of school grounds and furnishings; property values; enrollment; number of students enrolled from outlying districts; school census; and board minutes. Series may also contain school attendance and grade reports and data on students and parents. Records may be titled School District Clerk Annual Report, District Clerk's Book of Records, District Clerk Record Book, or Oregon School Register and Record Book, which is the most comprehensive record of school district activities. School district records have been inventoried through 1965. Access to student records may be restricted by state or federal law.

The Lane Education Service District Web site includes PDF images of numerous historic school district and superintendent of schools records such as eighth grade examination records, annual reports, registers of teachers, district reorganization records, district boundary records, school board minutes, school census records, and more.

Records at the Lane County Historical Museum, Archives:
Lane County Schools Album [includes photographs of schools, students, and teachers from various Lane County school districts-manuscript 463], ca.1910-ca.1925 (.30 cu.ft.);
School District 4J Records [includes school district budgets and annual reports-manuscript 548], 1949-1960 (.40 cu.ft.);
School District # 6 [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. 6-manuscript 259], 1927-1929 (1 volume);
School District # 46 [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. 46-manuscript 233], 1889-1891 (1 volume); 1893-1896 (1 volume);
School District # 46 [Oregon School Register and Record Book-District No. 46-manuscript 233], 1889-1890 (1 volume); 1898-1900 (1 volume).

Records at the Lane Education Service District Administration Building, Vault:
Census Etc. Certification Microfilm Records [School Census Reports], 1909-1966 (19 reels of microfilm);
Lane Schools [Record-includes size, condition, cost, photographs, and related information for various districts], ca.1937 (1 binder);
[Non-Union High Dist. Minutes-High School District], 1933-1959 (1 volume);
Schoolhouse Information [Record-includes size, condition, cost, photographs, and related information for various districts], ca.1963 (1 binder).

Records at the Lane Education Service District Administration Building, Warehouse Storage:
Clerk's Annual Census Report [Eugene School District No. 4], 1911-1966 (50 volumes);
Clerk's Annual Census Report [Non-Eugene School Districts], 1909-1962 (54 volumes);
District Clerks Annual Report [includes various districts], 1912-1916 (1 volume);
District Clerks' Annual Reports [includes various districts], 1901-1910 (1 volume);
District Clerk's Record Book [District No. 88], 1908-1911 (1 volume);
High School Record County Board Minutes, 1908-1932 (1 volume);
Monthly Reports of Public Schools [includes various districts], 1909-1910 (1 volume);
[Record of Pupils' Grades-includes various districts], 1923-1933 (1 volume); 1931-1941 (1 volume).

Records at the University of Oregon, Knight Library, Special Collections:
School Register for Lost Valley School-District No. 46, vol. 3, 1875-1888 (1 reel of microfilm).

Records at the Oregon Historical Society:
Mss. 1504 Public School System [White's School Register/Lost Valley School-typescript], 1875, 1878-1885 (.05 cu.ft.).


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