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County Officials Reports


Series reports the activities of county officials to the county court or board of county commissioners. Series may include reports by the treasurer, surveyor, clerk, roadmaster, assessor, sheriff, school superintendent, and county nurse or doctor. Reports summarize the activities of county officials and their staff as they perform their official duties.

Records at the Oregon State Archives:
County Officers Fiscal Reports, 1921-1948 (.40 cu.ft.).

Records at the Lincoln County Community Justice Building, County Archives:
Miscellaneous Record [includes County Treasurer's Report], vol. 1, 1898-1901], 1867-1901 (1 volume);
Misc. Reports [includes Oregon Forestry Reports, 1936-1939], 1934-1967 (1 cu.ft.);
Record of Semi-Annual Reports [includes sheriff, clerk, and treasurer reports], vol. 1-2, 1903-1915 (2 volumes);
Sheriff's Monthly Statement, 1914-1922 (.35 cu.ft.).


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