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Federal Land Grant Records


Series records ownership of county lands obtained from the federal government. Series includes records of land grants administered under a variety of federal programs such as donation land claims and homesteads. Donation land claims are the most common type of federal land grant in Oregon that is documented in this inventory project. Donation land claims resulted from an act of the 1850 Congress under which citizens of the United States, or those who filed a declaration of intention prior to December 1, 1850 and had resided upon or cultivated the land for four consecutive years, were granted a specified amount of acreage in the Oregon Territory. Donation land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly. Half of the acreage was placed in the husband's name while the other half was placed in the wife's name. Records include plats, indexes, and survey notes. Information includes township, range, and section numbers, names of donation land claim holders and claim numbers, claim dates, acreage, and descriptions of surveys.

Under the Homestead Act of 1862, settlers were given 160 acres of land in the public domain if they built a home on the land, resided there for five years, and cultivated the land. A complete homestead entry file includes such documents as the homestead application, homestead proof, and final certificate authorizing the claimant to obtain a land patent.

Records at the Linn County Courthouse, Clerk's Office, Hallway:
Cash Patents and O.&C.R.R. [Oregon & California Railroad], vol. 63, 1897-1906 (1 volume);
Cash Patents Deeds, vol. 77, 1904-1910 (1 volume);
Deed Pat'ds [Patents-includes donation and homestead land claims], vol. 54, 1895-1909 (1 volume).

Records at the Linn County Courthouse, Surveyor's Office:
Corner & D.L.C. Numbers [Record-by township and range], n.d. (1 binder);
DLC & Misc. [General Land Office/Bureau of Land Management Microfiche Survey Records-includes Donation Land Claim, mineral claim, and other information], ca.1853-ca.1998 (6 inches of microfiche);
[DLC's-Donation Land Claim Plats], n.d. (1 volume);
Index to Linn County Land Claims [alphabetical], n.d. (1 binder);
Old DLC maps [Donation Land Claim], n.d. (1 volume);
Orig DLC Maps [Donation Land Claim-Original-in cardboard sleeve], n.d. (1 volume).

Records at the Linn County Courthouse, Assessment and Taxation Office, Deed Room:
Donation Land Claim Plats [Colored Drawings], n.d. (1 volume).

Records at the Linn County Historical Museum, Library:
Donation Land Claim Families of Linn County [Abstracts], vol. 1-40, ca.1850-ca.1853 (40 volumes).

Records at the Linn County Web Site:
ELLA Maps 2.0 [Easy Land Locator Application Maps-includes searchable Geographical Information System mapping with survey, land corner, zoning, road, soil, tax lot, floodplain, Donation Land Claim, orthophoto, relief, district boundaries, and other information], n.d.-present (Internet);
Recorded Surveys [Scanned-includes subdivision, partition, and Donation Land Claim information-free registration required], 1874-present (Internet).

Records at Related Web Sites:
Donation Land Claim Books A-L | M-Z [Linn County], ca.1853-ca.1855 (Lebanon Genealogical Society);
Donation Land Claim Index List [Linn County], ca.1853-ca.1855 (Lebanon Genealogical Society);
Search Land Patents [includes patent and legal land descriptions and some document images], ca.1864-ca.1957 (BLM Web site).


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