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Marion County Records Inventory

Corner Survey Records


Series documents the establishment and/or restoration of survey corners or monuments by the county surveyor or registered land surveyors. Records include maps, field survey restoration notes, historical notes, and indexes. Information includes description of corners; existing markers; descriptions of new markers and any changes made to the locations; property owners; township, range, and section numbers; donation land claim information; date the new markers were set; and surveyor's signatures.

The searchable computer GIS database Survey Graphic Index available in the surveyor's office public research area and by paid subscription includes digital images of survey plats, road survey plats, subdivision and partition plats, aerial photographs, assessor's maps, as well as corner monumentation and other information.

Records at the Marion County Public Works Office Building, Surveyor's Vault:
Bearing Trees of U.S. Surveys [with index], vol. 1, 1889-1952 (1 volume);
Index for Archived Field Books [Corner Restorations and Donation Land Claims], 1992-2000 (.05 cu.ft.);
Re-Established Corners [by township and range], 1965-1980 (1 volume);
Re-Established Corners [Index to Survey Record], ca.1855-ca.1954 (1 volume);
Restored Corner Field Bk. [Books], 1968-2003 (105 volumes);
Restored Corners [Record-copies], vol. 1-2, 1889-1995 (2 volumes);
Surveys [Filed Plats-includes road surveys and corner restoration information-contains a small number of earlier surveys], no. 2037-37334, 1947-present (ca.35300 plats);
US Government Field Notes Restored Corners, vol. 1-4, 1889-1997 (1 cu.ft.).

Records at the Marion County Public Works Office Building, Surveyor's Public Research Area:
County Monuments Sections & D.L.C.s [Section and Donation Land Claim Corner Monuments Visual Reference Index], n.d. (1 volume);
DLC Index [Donation Land Claim Index and Corner Restoration Register Cards], ca.1851-ca.1979 (.15 cu.ft.);
DLC Unsurveyed/DLC Surveyed [Corner Restoration Register], n.d. (1 binder);
Marion County Monuments [Corner], 1851-ca.1987 (1 volume);
Restored Corners [Record-photocopies], vol. 1, 1889-1952 (1 volume);
Surveys [Filed-includes road surveys and corner restoration information], no. 2015-34233, 1947-1997 (20 feet of aperture cards).

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