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Morrow County Records Inventory

Land Subdivision Records


Series documents the subdividing and partitioning of land within the county. Records include survey notes, correspondence, photographs, satisfaction of agreements, maps of subdivided and partitioned land, and contracts and permits. Information includes subdivision names; lot, street, and alley dimensions; and township, range, and section numbers of land to be subdivided or partitioned.

Records at the Morrow County Courthouse, Clerk's Vault:
Map Book [Subdivisions-with index], vol. 1, 1875-ca.1915 (1 volume);
[Subdivision and Partition Plats-with index], 1935-present (ca.400 plats).

Records at the North Morrow County Courthouse Annex, Planning Department Office:
Land Partitions [Case Files], ca.1977-present (15 cu.ft.);
Morrow County Planning Department Current and Past Subdivision Ordinances, 2005-present (1 binder);
Morrow County Planning Department [Subdivision Ordinance], 1980 (1 volume);
Morrow County Planning Department Subdivision Ordinance, 2001 (1 volume);
Morrow County [Subdivision Ordinance], 1985 (1 volume);
Morrow County Subdivision Ordinance [orange cover], 1973 (1 volume);
Original County Ordinances [includes zoning and subdivision ordinances], 1980 (1 binder);
Subdivision Ordinance Draft, 1966 (1 volume);
Subdivisions [Case Files], 1974-present (3.20 cu.ft.);
Zone Changes Text & Ordinance Amend. Resolutions [includes subdivision ordinance and comprehensive plan information-title varies], ca.1973-present (7 cu.ft.);
Zoning Ordinance Subdivision Ordinance, n.d.-present (1 binder).

Records at the Morrow County Road Department Yard, Public Works Shipping Container:
[Partition Plats-includes some subdivision plats and miscellaneous surveys], ca. 1990-present (ca.300 plats).

Records at the Morrow County Web Site:
Planning Department Documents [includes zoning and subdivision ordinances], n.d.-present (Internet).

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