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Corner Survey Records


Series documents the establishment and/or restoration of survey corners or monuments by the county surveyor or registered land surveyors. Records include maps, field survey restoration notes, historical notes, and indexes. Information includes description of corners; existing markers; descriptions of new markers and any changes made to the locations; property owners; township, range, and section numbers; donation land claim information; date the new markers were set; and surveyor's signatures.

The Survey and Assessor Image Locator (SAIL) GIS mapping application includes searchable images of assessor maps, aerial photographs, survey records, subdivisions, condominiums, partitions, and government corner surveys. The information dates from circa 1851 to the present.

Records at the John B. Yeon Annex Building, Suite 123, Surveyor's Office:
Bearing Tree [Books], vol. A-H, 1884-present (20 inches of aperture cards);
[Map Index to Surveys, Bearing Trees, Subdivisions, Partitions, and Field Books], 1852-present (ca.900 maps).

Records at the John B. Yeon Annex Building, Suite 123, Surveyor's Office, Corner Survey Records Area:
Book [Bearing Tree Corner Restoration Records], vol. A-H, 1884-present (8 volumes);
Corner Books [Restoration], 1953-present (84 volumes);
[Corner Restoration Case Files-includes copies of older documents], no.1000-4112, 2000-present (22 cu.ft.);
[Corner Survey Visual Reference Map Index], n.d. (1 volume);
PEG Books [Corner Survey Field Books], 1940-1941 (123 volumes).

Records at the John B. Yeon Building, Microfilm Cabinet Near Room B15:
D Book [Surveyor Journal Government Monuments], vol. D, 1961-1965 (1 reel of microfilm);
[Restored Government Corners-Bearing Trees], vol. A-B, 1884-1955 (1 reel of microfilm).

Records at the John B. Yeon Building, Vault Room B16:
Government Land Monument [Bearing Trees-Record], vol. A-D, 1884-1965 (4 volumes).

Records at the Multnomah Building, Suite 175, Cartography Area:
Restored Government Corners [with index], vol. A-B, 1885-1940 (1 reel of microfilm);
Surveyor's Record [includes corner restorations-with index], vol. 1-3, 1857-1933 (1 reel of microfilm).


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