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District Court Dockets


Series documents the actions, proceedings, and judgments of the district court in relation to civil and criminal cases. Civil case dockets include plaintiff, defendant, attorney, and judge names; nature, title, and disposition of case; and issuance, service, return of summons, and filing dates. Criminal dockets include plaintiff, defendant, attorney, and judge names; warrant issuance, trial, judgment, sentence, and release dates; verdict; and case number. Types of cases include assault, burglary, larceny, trespass, disturbing the peace, vagrancy, traffic offenses, and recovery of money or damages related to debt or other civil cases. District court records have been inventoried through 1940. For information on more recent records, contact the circuit court file room.

In 1913 the Oregon Legislative Assembly created district courts. At that time all justice courts in Multnomah County except the Gresham District and ex-officio justice courts (municipal courts) were abolished and their jurisdiction was transferred to the district courts. See also Justice Court Dockets.

Records at the Multnomah County Courthouse, Room B13, District Court Basement Archives:
[Criminal Docket-Justice and District Court], 1908-1943 (7 reels of microfilm);
[District Court Docket-Civil], no. 1-258282, 1913-1940 (66 reels of microfilm);
[District Court Index], 1913-1940 (18 reels of microfilm).

Records at the Towne Storage Building, Multnomah County Circuit Court Records Area:
Defendant's Index District Court [includes letters A-L only], 1940 (1 volume);
Small Claims [District Court Docket], vol. 1-15, 1915-1941 (15 volumes).

Records at the Oregon State Security Copy Depository:
Civil District Court Docket, 1913-1979 (109 reels of microfilm);
District Court Plaintiff & Defendant Index, 1913-1954 (32 reels of microfilm);
Plaintiff and Defendant's Small Claims [District Court Index], vol. 1-26, 1926-1959 (4 reels of microfilm).


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