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Attachment Records


Series documents liens placed on real property by the county to satisfy debts. Attachments are ordered by the circuit court and authorize the sheriff to seize or transfer property to satisfy debts such as loans, mortgages, or tax liens. The sheriff will hold the property in trust until the debt is paid or the property is sold. Information includes defendant name, statement of attachment, property description, statement of return when attachment is satisfied, return of execution, dates attachment is issued and returned, court order, and sheriff's signature. Attachment records have been inventoried through 1920.

Records at the Joseph Building, County Archives Room #2:
Attachments [Record-with index], vol. A, 1881-1889 (1 volume);
Certificates of Attachment [Record], 1865 (1 volume);
Record of Attached Real Estate [with index], vol. 1-2, 1893-1957 (2 volumes);
Sheriff's Attachments [Record-with index], vol. B-F, 1889-1923 (5 volumes).

Records at the Union County Law Enforcement Services Building, Microfilm Storage Room:
[Record of Attached Real Estate], vol. 1-2, 1893-1957 (2 reels of microfilm);
[Sheriff's Attachments], vol. B-F, 1889-1923 (3 reels of microfilm).


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