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Health and Human Services Records


Series documents the activities of the county health and human services programs operated by the county. Series includes narrative or statistical monthly, quarterly, and annual reports or minutes discussing program goals, objectives, and accomplishments. Program areas include public and mental health; juvenile services; adult and family services; women, infant, and child (WIC) services; alcohol and drug abuse; and developmental disabilities. In 1994 the name of the Children and Youth Services Commission was changed to the Commission on Children and Families.

Since 1995 Union County has contracted with the Center for Human Development, Inc. for a number of services. These include public health, mental health, alcohol and drug treatment, and developmental disabilities. Many formerly separate advisory board topics are now handled by the Union County Health and Human Services Committee.

Records at the Joseph Building, County Archives Room #2:
U.C. Board of Health Reports [Union County], 1906-1907 (.10 cu.ft.).

Records at the Joseph Building East, Commission on Children and Families Director's Office Closet:
CCF Minutes [Commission on Children and Families Minutes], 1994-2005 (.40 cu.ft.);
Comprehensive Plan [Commission on Children and Families], 1987-1997 (.30 cu.ft.);
Comprehensive Plan Update [Commission on Children and Families], 2002 (1 binder); 2004 (1 binder).

Records at the Joseph Building East, Commission on Children and Families Assistant's Office:
[CCF Board Meeting Minutes-Commission on Children and Families], 2005-present (.40 cu.ft.).

Records at the Joseph Building East, County Commissioners Office:
[Health and Human Services Committee Minutes-includes agendas and related records], 1995-present (1 cu.ft.).


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