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Zoning Records


Series documents the development and implementation of codes and policies relating to the zoning of county lands and to illustrate and locate the various zoned areas within the county. Records include uniform zone codes and ordinances depicting various zoned lands in the county. Information in codes and ordinances includes definition, code/ordinance numbers, purposes, uses, conditions for use, and changes made to codes/ordinances. Maps include area and/or zone descriptions, dates created, scales, and commissioners' signatures. Areas are typically zoned for residential, industrial, commercial, flood plain, agricultural, timber, public and government, and mineral extraction uses.

Records at the Chaplin Building, Planning Department Office:
City of La Grande and City of Island City Zoning Map [wall], 2010 (1 map);
City of La Grande Zoning Map [wall], 2005 (1 map);
County Ordinances [includes zoning ordinance amendments], 1995-present (.30 cu.ft.);
[County Zoning Maps-wall composite], n.d. (36 maps);
Land Use Plan & Implementing Ordinance Amendments [includes comprehensive plan and zoning], 1979-1994 (.30 cu.ft.);
Union County Zoning, Partition Subdivision Ordinance Old Language, 1983-1996 (.10 cu.ft.).

Records at the Chaplin Building, Planning Department Director's Office:
[Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance Development Records], ca.1978-ca.1985 (ca.2 cu.ft.);
Union County Zoning Ordinance Planning Commission & County Court Revisions, 1983 (.30 cu.ft.);
Union Co. Zoning & Partition Ord. [County Ordinances], 1964-1977 (.35 cu.ft.);
Union Co. Zoning, Partition Subdivision [County Ordinances], 1977 (1 binder).

Records at the Chaplin Building, Planning Department Office, Counter Area:
Union County Zoning, Partition & Subdivision Ordinance, ca.1977-present (1 binder);
[Zoning Maps-on assessor map base-record copy], ca.1985-present (1 binder);
[Zoning Maps-on assessor map base-desk reference copy], ca.1985-present (9 volumes).


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