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Wallowa County Records Inventory

Corner Survey Records


Series documents the establishment and/or restoration of survey corners or monuments by the county surveyor or registered land surveyors. Records include maps, field survey restoration notes, historical notes, and indexes. Information includes description of corners; existing markers; descriptions of new markers and any changes made to the locations; property owners; township, range, and section numbers; donation land claim information; date the new markers were set; and surveyor's signatures.

Records at the Wallowa County Courthouse, Planning Department Office Vault:
[Land Corner Monumentation Records], ca.1979-ca.1986 (.40 cu.ft.);
[Surveyor's Township Records-includes corner surveys and field notes], ca.1867-present (6 cu.ft.).

Records at the Wallowa County Courthouse, Planning Department Office, Surveyor's Area:
Bearing Trees of United States Surveys, 1903-1910, 1965 (1 volume);
Surveyor's Record [includes corner restorations-with index], 1898-1966 (2 volumes).


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