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Aerial Photographs


Series provides visual documentation of changes made to county lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters. The photographs are taken at intervals along a series of flight paths to attain coverage of all or part of a county. They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. An index by quadrant may also be included.

Records at the Wasco County Public Works Building, Second Floor Aerial Photograph Storage Room:
[Aerial Photographs], 1939 (5 photographs); 1947 (29 photographs); 1949 (40 photographs); 1957 (4 photographs); 1958 (4 photographs); 1967 (ca.200 photographs); 1971 (23 photographs); 1972 (ca.150 photographs);
[Aerial Photographs-Color], 1987 (7 photographs); 1988 (175 photographs);
Aerial Photographs-from Natural Resources Conservation Service], 1972 (ca.500 photographs); 1990 (ca.500 photographs).

Records at the Wasco County Public Works Building, Road Engineer/County Surveyor's Office:
[Aerial Photographs-with index], 1985 (ca.350 photographs);
Aerial Photo Prints, 1970 (ca.15 photoprints); n.d. (ca.200 photoprints).

Records at the Wasco County Public Works Shop, Second Floor Exercise Room:
[Aerial Photographs], 1965 (ca.250 photographs).

Records at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, Stacks:
[Aerial Photograph-from county assessor's office], 1939, 1949, 1954, 1965, 1972 (ca.300 photographs).


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