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Foreclosure Records


Series documents the activities of the sheriff and other county officials relating to the foreclosure of property in order to satisfy creditors in cases involving delinquent taxes, mortgage payments, or court judgments. Records include correspondence, sheriff's deeds and foreclosure sale records, circuit court case transcripts of foreclosure hearings, writs of execution, certificates of sale of real property, judgment orders, receipts, tax redemption records, delinquent tax sales, and tax sale certificates. Foreclosure records have been inventoried through 1920.

Records at the Public Services Building, Suite 130, Recording Division Office Area:
Misc. Films [Miscellaneous-Certificates of Delinquency], 1919-1922 (2 reels of microfilm);
Misc. Films [Miscellaneous-Delinquent Tax Sales Records], 1892-1900 (1 reel of microfilm);
Misc. Films [Miscellaneous-Redemption Certificates], no. 1-1049, 1908-1924 (4 reels of microfilm).

Records at the Washington County Historical Records Vault:
Certificate of Sale for Taxes, 1905-1907 (.25 cu.ft.);
Certificates of Delinquency Issued to Washington County Oregon, 1919-ca.1926 (1 volume);
Recordings Mixed Series [Lists of Land Sold for Taxes], 1870-1877, 1880 (.05 cu.ft.);
Record of Delinquent Tax Sales [with index], vol. 1, 1892-1899 (1 volume);
[Tax Deeds-Foreclosed], 1895-1905 (1 volume);
Tax Sale Certificates, 1901 (3 cu.ft.).

Records at the Washington County Justice Services Building, Circuit Court Civil Office, Microfilm Cabinet:
Assessment & Taxation [Certificates of Delinquency], 1919-1922 (1 reel of microfilm);
Assessment & Taxation [Redemption Certificates], no. 1-1048, 1908-1922 (4 reels of microfilm).


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